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>Subject: Chilean documentary Hijos del Fuego
>From:    "Hijos del Fuego" <peligrodeexplosion at hotmail.com>
>Date:    Sun, February 20, 2005 12:47 pm
>To:      info at videoactivism.org
>Hello, we are an independant collective of filmakers from Chile. We have
>just done a documentary called Hijos del Fuego (Son of Fire), that show
>the  evolution and the source of the street fights with police force from
>the  coup d'etat untill now. We have make a big research and collect a lot
>of  videos that have never been showed in public TV, so we are searching
>for  alternative sources of distribution and financial aid. We are related
>to  indymedia.santiago and different local collectives, but we need to
>join our  efforts together, so our documentary can be seen abroad and your
>documentaries can be seen in Latinamerica. We have a distribuition system
>with public screens for Latinamerican documentaries, but we are open to
>receive new material.
>If you know of any institution, collective, or group that you can contatc
>for us, it will be a great help for our documentary. If you need any kind
>of  information, trailer or DVD you can contact us to
>peligrodeexplosion at hotmail.com
>Waiting for your answer.
>Cristóbal Sahr
>Miguel Chacaltana
>Rodrigo Salazar
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