[IMC-Video] can we pupate and create?

Mick Fuzz mickfuzz at rocketmail.com
Fri Nov 10 09:50:25 PST 2006


I feel like this list has never really been a working
list on a project. But I feel like it really should
take on migrating video.indymedia.org - and the as ben
says, use this as a catalyst to create another plan. 
I hope we are up to it!

Maybe we should be clear about a process for that, a
workspace page on docs.indymedia.org - 

some of the issues / actions seem to be - 

Who on this list / global indymedia video network/s is
capable up for doing what, how much time do they have?

How to best integrate with archive.org, both
technically and interms of communication - sometimes
volunteer networks are a bit scarey to deal with. 

Short term, it would seem to be best to get a back
door in and migrate the files [and the meta-data
preferably] to archive.org - and change the links in
the video.indymedia.org database. 

Long term, hopefully find a FEED format with
enclosures that archive.org would suck up into their
servers or some other similarly neat, decentralised

Find a new home for video.indymedia.org database and
pages. Set up a workplan to include some of the
features mentioned on this list in the last few


http://www.ourvideo.org   >> video help web resources
http://www.clearerchannel.org   << video show case for screening

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