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and and at axxs.org
Thu Nov 8 17:15:13 PST 2007

Hey Occam,
couple of responses...

On 09/11/2007, at 11:37 AM, Occam wrote:

> Hi Kids,
> from all the video cms stuff out there is plone/plumi a good choice
> but it has some problems we have to think about
> 1 it does not support open posting

doesn't support anonymous posting might be more accurate way to  
describe it, or posting without the need for a login.

> the indycore people are working on that and have a modification of
> plone/opencore running that supports open publishing. Indycore is also
> in a very early stage. indy.gr is the first site using it. plumi would
> have to integrate these modifications for a possible video.indy setup.
> 2. it does not support ftp upload
> well, which cms does? this also would need to be developed /  
> integrated

One option we're presently looking at is developing a CMS-agnostic  
transcoder/uploader/bittorrent application that could be used across  
a variety of projects. Kind of like a cc-publisher but with  
transcoding to ogg and resumable/large file uploading using  
bittorrent. I'll let Anna expand on that more however :)
> 3. it needs a very fast web-server, plone is a huge cms and you will
> run into performance problems if you don't have a dedicated box. thats
> the main problem. we don't even have a download server, so where do we
> get a 64bit web server with 4G of memory?

We run about 5 plone instances (3 are development instances) on 3GB  
of memory, along with mailing lists and a few other smaller sites.  
The server is getting weighed down however though some major  
performance updates should be going in very soon which should speed  
things up. Hits are not huge on EM - bout 420,000 for september - and  
probably less that what video.indy would get but the point is it's  
possible on a less than high end server.

Apart from the technical questions though I agree with other comments  
that it's best to go back to 'what should video.indy be?" I think  
there are political questions that need to be answered first. With so  
many activist video spaces springing up what is the exact need of an  
indymedia space? italy has ngvision, germany has v2v and kanal b, UK  
has clearer channel, australia/SE asia has engagemedia, there's  
archive.org and ourmedia and quite a few more. How does video.indy  
fit into this space? I think there is a role for a video.indy but I  
think that role needs to be worked. The technical problems now  
largely have solutions, the political question is the one that needs  


> please remember my last mail...
> http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-video/2007-August/0822- 
> yt.html
> i truly support any changes to a new CMS and i will help with the new
> setup and migration and will help to take care of the new site.... but
> still...we need servers
> drupal would be much faster but i still can't find a ftp upload  
> module.
> occam
> p.s.:
> allot of these topics are currently also discussed on imc-cms at lists.
> it might be a good idea to wait for there process to "finish".
> The outcome of there discussion will be a stable working group (or
> two, who knows) that might be able to help with the setup of a new
> video.indy
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