[Imc-wales] Invitation for an Anti G8 Mediaactivist Meeting in Rostock, Germany Nov 10-12

Anna anna at mail.nadir.org
Sun Oct 22 15:02:33 PDT 2006

[translation of the German invitation by trojan[at]nadir.org]

Invitation for an Anti-G8-Mediaactivist-Meeting in Rostock, Germany,
during the Anti-G8-Action Conference in Rostock Nov.10-12

We - the Videoactivsm Network (a network of videoactivists) - would like
to make use of the Action Conference (more below) and invite you to a
meeting of media activists (writers, photographers, video activists,
techies ...) parallel to the Action Conference.
We want to get to know the local media groups (Medienwerkstatt [media
workshop], local radio, open channel [open access tv/radio] etc.) and
discover possibilities for co-operation.

On the other hand we are inviting all the groups and people who want to
participate in reporting on G8 'from below' and who support the
mobilisation against the G8: indymedia, free radios, news platforms,
print media...

Third focus can be the exchange of information with international
guests. We want to specifically invite imc groups/people who were
involved with building independent media structures against the summits
in the recent years, to exchange ideas and to learn from the experiences
that were made.

The aim of the weekend will be to develop a concept for local, national
and international co-operation of independent media structures.
If similar initiatives were already started we'd like to join them.

If you would like more information please write to trojan(at)nadir.org,
you'll get more details about organisation etc. then.

Information about the Action Conference in English here:

We have also just created a mailing list, please join

==> https://lists.nadir.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/g8-mediaactivism

and let us know about your plans, ideas and wishes for next year, and
about experiences made at past summits that we can learn from!

Hope to see you soon
indymedia, berlin

jabber: anna_too at amessage.info


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