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Reply from Mish about some website technical things, translation in mir etc.


(my questions with > in front of line)

> What about the content?  I know some of it comes from the main database but presumably some bits 
> (headings and links etc) are put in separately?  Does it use frames and whatever it uses, can I 
> access the html from the site, or do I need to go and make new files from the templates you've sent 
> and then load 'em up somehow?

As well as the database, Mir uses a mix of "include files" - which can
be edited through the admin interface (look for "edit include files" in
the admin interface - low down in the right column) and properties
files.  I've attached the properties files so you can see them.  The
ones attached are slightly out of date, and I expect there are extra
bits that will need to be put in them from the templates, but they give
you the general idea.

> How many pages will we need to make in Welsh too, and will this cause a problem for mir?

Mir has been designed with internationalisation in mind.  For example,
the following are all Mir sites:




So we should be able to have http://www.indymedia.org.uk/cy/ for
welsh ...

The properties files are the ones that will require translation, as will
any "static pages" you create.  And then there are articles ...

The static pages for cambridge are linked from the top of the page - for


> What I'd thought about was two separate front pages with a link between them to switch between 
> English and Welsh.  I don't think there's any hurry to set up a cymraeg development front page 
> because we need to sort out the look and content in one language, and only copy this and translate 
> all the text once this is agreed - that's what I'd thought about doing anyway.

Should be a simple matter - check out the brazil or netherlands sites to
see how they link between the different language versions.  I believe
you only need to have one set of templates, with the templates bringing
text in from the relevant properties file.

No rush, but I might have a play to see what I can do ...

> So... if you're on the Welsh page and you click "publish", whatever that is in Welsh, we really need 
> a publish page in Welsh too.  Then there's prepublish.  How many pages are there altogether? [I 
> realise we're not going to reproduce the whole uk site in Welsh :o) but I think the main publish 
> pages are probably important.  Getting small amounts of text translated isn't going to be a problem 
> (I hope) but it would be good to know how much there is.  I suppose it's as much as we want to do - 
> mission statement, guidelines, etc etc, innit?

The publish page will be in welsh by translating the open_xx.properties
file.  The prepublish page is just a static page (see above).  The
cambridge static pages include


That covers the longstanding ones.  We occasionally do others for
particular events.

> I wondered if the Welsh page can somehow link to Welsh versions of prepublish/publish etc, at the 
> end of which the user will press a button and the stuff will get sent to the main database in the 
> usual way. Do you think that will cause any problems?  And would we have the same newswire and 
> middle column on both pages, which would not all be in Welsh?  Sorry, just asking myself all these 
> questions really.  My guess is we might struggle to translate every story.  We can always put a 
> call-out on the site for more people to help with translation.

Should be fine.  Once Mir is told whether the first page is
www.xxx/en/yyy or is www.xxx/cy/yyy it will automatically stick "en" or
"cy" after the first /

Again, play with some of the sites above to see how they work.

> OK, think that's all my questions for now.

phew ;-)


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