[Imc-wales] IMC-UK Network meeting, London 17/18th May 2008

genny vg at genny.force9.co.uk
Mon Apr 28 09:27:47 PDT 2008

Hi everyone

Nothing happening on here for a while.

I've been defeated by the challenges of producing a bilingual website 
interface when I don't speak Welsh and we don't have enough people who 
can translate - as far as I can see.  Correct me if I'm wrong and if 
there's anyone out there who can translate our static pages and who 
would like to be involved in an indymedia collective moderating posts in 
Welsh to check they meed editorial guidelines.

Hywel did get the first bit of the work done, but I was reluctant to ask 
techies in united kollektives to put in the time to help us do all the 
technical things that need doing if we don't have people to do the rest 
of the translation work - and we don't seem to have got very far with 
that at all.

So the way I see it is that either we have to recruit more Welsh 
speaking activists who want to get actively involved with an indymedia 
collective in Wales, or we have to start with an English language only 
page for now (not good), or resign ourselves to not having a Wales page 
on indymedia at all (which isn't good either!)

There's a united kollektives network meeting in London 17-18 May, which 
I should be able to get to. I'd  be happy to go along to if there are 
other Wales-based activists interested in getting this started again.  
Let me know what you think.  More info about registering for the London 
meeting below.



Hello all

With only 2 weeks 'til the London network meeting we need to know who 
is coming - Thanks for those that have registered so far (even if 
provisional) at the moment there are 3 people coming from outside 
London - with those kind of numbers we won't need to book large 
spaces - so there is a deadline for registration - or comments - 
before this Wednesday 30th 5pm - So we can decide at our meeting what 
to do.
See below for how to register and the agenda

cheers tony

At 20:37 +0100 17/4/08, maqui wrote:
>Hello network!
>This is a reminder about the network meeting proposed for London on the 
>weekend 16th, 17th and 18th of May. A few weeks ago a email was sent 
>announcing the creation of a couple of wiki pages to start moving 
>things forward for this meeting:
>Since then the wiki pages have been pretty dormant, but today I've done 
>a bit of work on them. Basically adding some links to relevant emails, 
>re-organising a bit the list of "Issues that we feel still need further 
>discussion / resolution", and starting a very crude timetable for the 
>sessions on saturday and sunday. Please see:
>As you can see the timetable is, at the moment, quite crude as I didn't 
>know whether the issues to discuss listed in the wiki are those that 
>people actually want to talk about. Also, I have probably left out 
>stuff that people may consider important to address. Therefore, if 
>people are still for having this network meeting, please have a look at 
>the wiki and start proposing / changing / re-arranging specific 
>thematic slots into the timetables.
>I was also not sure if I should have started to put specific thematic 
>sessions into the slots, or whether this should be left to the first 
>plenary session on saturday morning, as it seems to be often the case 
>anyway. So for the moment there are only generic descriptions of 'areas 
>of discussion' that refer to the points listed in the "Issues that we 
>feel still need further discussion / resolution" section of the wiki.
>There's also a registration wiki. Please add your name to it if you are 
>thinking of coming, so the London kollektive can have an idea of how 
>many people are expected. The wiki is here:
>Ok, I think this is all for the moment. Also, any peeps responding this 
>email please don't need to cc it to my email address too as I am 
>already in this list. Ta! :-)
>PD: There's also another gathering called 'Hacktion Lab' that some folk 
>(some of which are involved in Indymedia UK) are organising for mid 
>June. This could maybe be another space for further IMC-UK development 
>i guess. See the wiki of that gathering here:
>imc-london mailing list
>imc-london at lists.indymedia.org

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