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I've got the latest 'shnews' email (a snap-type publication from
brighton) and it has just hit its 500th issue. They've just sent out
some ideas and examples of good british local media that I think snap
could get some ideas from. So read below if you wish...




With most of the local media in the pockets of the big
corporations and advertisers, you won't find too many stories
about local corruption, creeping privatisation and the like. So
radical local newsletters are a great way of cutting through the
bullshit and getting to what's really going on in your community.
Online info websites like Indymedia might be great for national and
international news, but for getting out information on a grassroots
level nothing beats a sheet of paper handed to people in the street,
dropped off around pubs, cafes and local community centres. So isn't
it about time you started one in your local area?

Here's a few simple tips to starting yer own newssheet...

Think of a good name. For example, saying that 'On The Bog' from
Little bogweed is published by the South Bogshire Emiliano Zapata
Revolutionary Militia Propaganda Outreach Cell would probably be an
own goal.

Keep it simple. Two sides of A4 every month should do the trick
and not overstretch a few mates. Hey, you can even nick our
format - we won't charge.

Try and make it funny. Don't get bogged down with long words or
try to be too clever - nobody cares that you went to university
and read lots of books by men with beards who died years ago.

Keep it free - ask for donations, but keeping it free means that
people you don't know might actually get to read it!

Write about local issues so people can relate to stuff in it -
then try and link it to the bigger picture.

Before you start we reckon its best to check out some of the other
publications - but as Worthing's Porkbolter crew told us "Just do it,
keep doing it and don't give up, it's a cumulative effect and you've
got to be patient. It's not like a revolution has happened in Worthing
because of the Porkbolter, but I do feel it's been worthwhile. Stuff
we put out in our newsletter and at our meetings hopefully is
normalising our views as opposed to the media and government's plans
which are to marginalise and criminalise protestors."

In fact Worthing's 'Porkbolter' is a great example of how to do it
well. A pun-tastic newssheet that's been shit stirring in this sleepy
seaside resort for the past seven years, full of local news and very
good at linking these to the bigger picture. They've also got a 'How
to set up your own newsletter' on their website at

Walthamstow Anarchist Group produce 'The Underdog' a quarterly
newsletter, "presenting items of local interest with a decidedly
radical slant". The latest issue covers councillors' scams which
leads to a piece about direct democracy; there's a big article on
bullying at work, stuff on the Olympic bid and how it will affect the
borough plus the regular 'Wot Anarchists Think' column.

'The Bristolian' has been publishing in Bristol on and off for the
past few years getting rid of thousands of copies per issue. It's
in-yer-face, full of swearing and politician baiting, and people lap
it up, with headlines like 'Wankface McNulty sensation'... They're
currently taking a holiday trying to encourage more local scandal
sheets around the country. Good luck to them! localnews4us at yahoo.co.uk

In fact there's a depressing lack of local radical newsletters,
and far too much web based stuff that only reaches a limited
audience. The only ones that SchNEWS can find are Haringey
Solidarity Groups 'Indypendent', Brighton's 'Rough Music', Cardiff and
Gwent Anarchists 'Gagged', Bristol quarterly newspaper 'Bristle',
Norwich's irregular 'Now or Never' and Newcastle's long running
newsheet 'Think Globally Act Locally.' Hopefully we've missed some
out, but come on we can can do better than this!

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