[imc-wellington] Wellington Indymedia minutes - 11.4.07

ksimpson at ihug.co.nz ksimpson at ihug.co.nz
Wed Apr 11 09:40:22 UTC 2007

Minutes of meeting of Wellington Indymedia collective held
at Oblong Internet Cafe on Wednesday 11 April 2007

Present: Asher, Sebastian, Ken
Apologies: Strypey
Meeting began 7.05 and closed 7.30 pm

1. Urs is away until September but will be in email contact
and remains on the editorial list. Asher will be away from
July until early next year.

2. Film nights. Iraq for Sale was shown six times in total
at the Film Archive. 125 people attended and our share of
the box office takings is $394. Ken will send an invoice and
collect the films.
On April 20/21st we are showing "I" and Urs's Tongan film.
Asher will deliver the films, including a short animal
rights film. Ken will do a flyer.
May film night - the date is booked and films decided on.

3. Finances. Ken circulated the annual accounts for year
ending 31.3.07. We have $315 after paying $54 for copying
the March issue of W((i))ndy. When we receive our money from
the Film Archive we will donate $20 per month to the
Magnetic Fridge Diary (if needed).

4. W((i))ndy - April issue. Ken will put this together in
the week ending 29 April.

5. IMC-Wellington email admin - Ken needs to see Kieran for
handover of passwords.

6. Films at DevZone. Ken will get a list and let Film
Archive know.

7. New members - Asher will do a call-out, as we need more

Next meeting:  Wednesday 9 May, 7 pm at Oblong Internet Cafe

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