[imc-wellington] Windy minutes 14th March 07

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Tue Mar 13 23:44:47 PDT 2007

Windy minutes 14th March 07

Ken, Strypey, Shensche, smush

- Kieran has resigned. Thanks for all your work!!!

- we gave $20 to the Poneke Black Pages 2007 and $20 to the Magnetic Fridge

- $383 in bank account
- last W((i))ndy cost $82

- we are starting an indymedia radio show on VBC (new student radio).
- Thursdays, 1-2pm
- 88.3FM
- they are asking for $30 per hour through sponsorship. Strypey to ask
Oblong, smush to ask Peace Action and Ken to ask the Freedomshop for
- Windy will pay for the first month and we will review the situation at the
next meeting in April

- next W((i))ndy will be put together next week, 21st March at Oblong.

Film Nights
- Next film nights are 23/24 March. we are screening 'Iraq is not for sale'.

- smush to do flyer, ken to photocopy flyers, shensche to distribute flyers
at the demo on Tuesday.
- ken to send out emails to various lists.
- the film night after that is on 20/21 April and we are screening 'I the
film' and the Tonga footage.

imc-wellington email list
- ken will take over the admining of the imc-wellington email list from
Kieran. Ken will contact Kieran.
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