[imc-wellington] Indymedia Radio Show in Wellington - Thursdays, 1pm on 88.3FM

smush capitalism smushcapitalism at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 19:33:10 PDT 2007

Hey all,

i got a slot on the new student radio station, the Victoria Broadcasting
Club, for indymedia! It's on once a week, every Thursday from 1-2pm on

Asher said he's keen to help out too. It'd be great to get some more people
involved too! The station wants to come up with 30 Dollars of sponsorship
for every hour. I had an idea of contacting activist groups to see if a few
groups want to give 5 Dollars each towards the show. We are starting this
week (tomorrow). I asked Gwilym to come along to talk about his experience
in Copenhagen and Val to talk about anti-war stuff. And we can play some
local (and international) political music. We should start every show with
'Smash the State' by Dead Vicious! ;-)

we can talk about this more at the meeting tonight.


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