[Imc-worcester] SF-Active Upgrade for imc-Worcester

Pseudo Punk bart at indymedia.org
Mon Jul 5 10:09:55 PDT 2004


I'll soon be upgrading the 3 sf-active sites.
Before i can do that, i think i need some input from each site about some
configuration issues.

Here we go:

##### Thumbnailing and image-resizing ####

the new system works this way:
1) thumbnails are made for searching purposes: they are displayed in the
search results page
2) midsize pics are made to be displayed within the article body: if the
size of an image exceeds some limits (width, height and bytes) it will be
resized or compressed according to those limits: original images will be
linked to midsize ones, so that when ppl click on a resized image, a popup
with the original pic is shown
3) the uploads will be divided in different directories for date, i.e.

part a - configuration
basically, you need some variables to be added in sf-active.cfg, in your
local config path (i.e. /imc/sf-active-new/yourimc/local/config/)

we are already adding them, but commented out, so you just need to uncomment
them out (and, however, they are quite self-explanatory =)

while they are commented out, no thumbnailing _and/or_ resizing will take
effect (you can set just some of them, for example setting only
'max_image_size' will just make image compression)

all variables are in pixel, unless otherwise noted

$GLOBALS['image_thumbnail_x'] = z // sets the thumbnail width
$GLOBALS['image_thumbnail_y'] = z // sets the thumbnail height

$GLOBALS['max_image_x'] = z // sets midsize limit width
$GLOBALS['max_image_y'] = z // sets midsize limit height
$GLOBALS['max_image_size'] = z // sets midsize limit weight, in bytes

part b - old pics resize
you need to make the thumbnails and midsize for old images too (only kenya
imc don't actually need it to do it =)

St3 coded a function in image_class.inc to do this, but it's _really_ better
that you ask me or PseudoPunk to get this done, because it's not as easy as
an 1-2-3

### Email validation ###

it's now possible that people can validate the email address they use on
their articles.
if you want to enable it, i can do it while upgrading it.
note that it still keeps people free to do that. but you can disable it so
no one can do that.

#### spam filter #####

// Spam filter configuration
// if you comment the next two variables out, the spam code will be dissabled.
$GLOBALS['spam_filter_time'] = 120;    // amount of time where sfa tracks postings
$GLOBALS['spam_filter_articles'] = 6;  // amount of articles people can publish in this duration
$GLOBALS['spam_filter_content'] = 1;   // amount of articles with the same content in this duration
$GLOBALS['ip_log'] = 'no_ip';          // set to ip to log the ip's in SF_CACHE_PATH/ip_log.txt

what settings do you want ?

#### Category Classes

We've add some category classes: event, project and other.
You can now also set your publish forms to select (what it's now),
multiple or checkbox. you can also do things like 3 thematic boxes and 2
local or so.

##### SQL Speed Ups #####
$GLOBALS['nw_range'] = 500 ; // 'production' newswire (=frontpage)
$GLOBALS['nw_c_range'] = 2000 ; //newswires from categories
$GLOBALS['nwf_range'] = 250 ; //for production newswirefeeds
$GLOBALS['nwf_c_range'] = 1000 ; // for newswirefeeds for categories

you need to play a little with this. (but it can really speed up your
site). the default settings should be quite sane.


mtop looks like the revolution!

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