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Hey thanks for checking in on this. How will this affect the site? I say if it doesn't do anything to the site overall sometime at night would be best, but honestly anytime should be ok. 

Site design feedback should be coming your way soon, Ben! 

Thanks, you rule. 

Ben Dean-Kawamura <ben.dean.kawamura at gmail.com> wrote: How do folks want to handle this?  I can help out and step in if
there's any problem.  From a technical standpoint it can be anytime,
is there a time better for you?

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Howdy folks, in particular Worcester IMC,

Our IP address will change, sometime soon, since I'm finally moving stuff
over to the a newer, faster, spiffier server.

Here's the current name record:
Name:   worcester.indymedia.org

It will need to change to:
Name:   worcester.indymedia.org

There is already a Drupal site running on the new server
(reboot.stimc.org), so I believe the LAMP platform is stable.

When is a good time to move Worcester?  (The website, I mean, not the city.)

Ben West
westbywest at riseup.net

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