[Imc-worcester] akismet and random IPs

Ben Dean-Kawamura ben.dean.kawamura at gmail.com
Tue May 1 07:01:03 PDT 2007

As far as I can tell, sending the IP address is a requirement for the
akismet API
(check out this page http://akismet.com/development/api/).

We absolutely can't send real IP addresses to akismet, because that
would violate our privacy agreement.  Akismet could, and probably
does, store all posts sent to it.  That means they have a log of all
posts to wo-imc associated the IP address of the user.

So, I think we should continue to send random IPs to akismet.
Preferably in the 10.X.X.X range, which are used for private IP
addresses, and therefore shouldn't ever be someone's "real" ip

This would let us use akimet again and hopefully stop most of our
current problem posts.  What do other folks think?


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