[Imc-worcester] Slanderous Article for Poise, Style & Motion

Mike Benedetti mike.benedetti at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 11:10:00 PDT 2009

2009/3/23 Kevin <ksen.piedmont at juno.com>:
> The post referenced, was "hidden" back in December, although
> it seems that although we thought we had hidden it, it still
> remained accessible.
> We need to review why the hiding didn't work.

"Hiding" only hides a post from the site's own search engine; since
many more people will find the article via Google than the site's own
search engine, hiding is only slightly effective.

At the last meeting where we discussed this, we agreed that in this
situation we should "unpublish" the article in question, pending
concerns from other IMC editors.

To unpublish a post you're editing:

1. Click "Publishing Options."
2. Uncheck "Published."
3. Click "Save."

An unpublished post can *only* be seen by the Indymedia editors.

IIRC Kevin suggested getting rid of this months ago, and I don't think
there have been any concerns. If nobody voices a concern by tomorrow
morning, I'll delete it permanently.


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