[Indypendent-News] issue #63: The Great Social Security Hoax

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Fri Jan 21 06:23:27 PST 2005

Issue #63: The Indy Exposes Bush's Great Social
Security Hoax

As we move into a second Bush Administration, the new
issue of The Indypendent takes an in-depth look at one
of Bush's most ambitious and brazen gambits:
privatizing Social Security. Find out what right-wing
ideologues have in mind, whether Democrats will roll
over one more time and what people are doing to stop
Bush's plans in their tracks. We also have an
interview with a D.C. organizer for the upcoming
inaugural protests as well as articles about the
struggles ofa decaying factory town in the middle of
red state America, the unraveling of Chinatown's
garment industry, how video activists exposed a cop
who lied under oath in one of the first RNC-related
cases to go to trial and a look at how a little-known
bipartisan organization that manufactures U.S style
democracy around the world from Iraq to the Ukraine.  

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Cutting the Lifeline: Bush Goes After Social Security
by Eric Laursen

More Social Security, Not Less by Eric Laursen

Salvation & Shopping in Marion by Bennett Baumer

Chinatown Goes to China by Leigh Ann Caldwell

Down with the King! An Interview with D.C. Organizer
Jim McDonald about Inaugural Protests by Mike Schuwerk

Busted! D.A. Investigates Cops for 'False RNC
Testimony' by Drew Poe

Welcome to the Puppet Factory by Lisa Ashkenaz Croke
and Brian Dominick

The Black Book of U.S. Imperialism by Jed Brandt

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Next issue: January 27

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