[Indypendent-News] Issue #76 - Katrina: Gathering Rage

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Fri Sep 16 12:19:04 PDT 2005

For the last week and a half, the good volunteers of the The  
Indypendent have been working around the clock to assemble a  
collection of on-the-ground stories and plain truth analysis about  
the atrocity of New Orleans.

Hurricane Katrina:
Gathering Rage

A free paper for free people.
This PDF download is about the size of two songs
Feel encouraged to pass on the PDF far and wide.

If you feel the importance of this moment and the need to get open- 
spirited, radical information out into the subways and all five  
boroughs, free bundles of the Indy will be available for pickup at  
the Indymedia office in Midtownand drop spots in Brooklyn. Teams will  
also be travelling down to Washington DC for the September 24 antiwar  

We can make a difference in what this catastrophe means:
If you'd like to help distribute
send an email back
or call the office: 212.684.8112.

Contents include:

Hurricane Katrina: The Horror
by Mike Burke

NYC Grassrotts Gets the Aid Out
by Damali Abrams
plus a list of places to send money and goods

Media Analysis: Black and White in Living Color
by Chris Anderson

The Act of Healing Is in the Trouble
The Failures of Black Leadership
by Kazembe Balagun

Collecting Food, Gathering Rage
commentary by Jed Brandt

 From One Gulf to Another, It's All Connected
commentary by A.K. Gupta

Katrina Survivor Stories in the First Person
On the ground stories from Malik Rahim, Jordan Flaherty, and Nicholas  
Powers + more.

The special edition features a cover photograph by Indymedia  
photographer Andrew Stern in New Orleans and Houston, plus the art of  
Alfredo Garzon, Frank Reynoso, Gary Martin and David Hollenbach

Additional coverage of the antiwar movement, the surging revolution  
in Nepal, a Kabul dispatch from Indypendent photographer Antrim  
Caskey, analysis of the Supreme Court's new manchurian candidate John  
Roberts from the National Lawyers Guild, plus reviews and cultural  

The reason for this email is that this is a special push to not let  
the corporate media whitewash what is still going down in the Gulf  
Coast. Please pass this request on to friends, co-workers and  
associates -- and if after looking the issue over, you want more  
people to read it: HELP pass it out. Don't wait.

The Indypendent meets every Tuesday at 7 p.m. at our office on 34 E.  
29th St.

On Tues. Sept. 20, NYC Indymedia will be hosting an open house  at 6  
p.m. for people interested in finding out more about how they can get  
involved with the paper and other NYC Indymedia projects.

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