[Italy-global] Fwd: [Hub] Come to Palestine: Intl. Conference and Action Camp Against the Apartheid Wall, August 2004

francesca gradozero at inventati.org
Fri Jul 2 09:25:52 PDT 2004

>   ** please distribute **
>Urgent Invitation and Request to Come to Palestine
>this Summer
>To all people who believe in justice and want peace,
>To all people who identify with global resistance
>networks such as PGA, Indymedia and the NoBorder
>-> Sanao'd (the Palestinian Coordination for the Right
>of Return),
>-> ISM (the International Solidarity Movement) and
>-> the Palestinian National Committee Against the Wall
>invite you to Palestine this summer, to help us to
>stop the Apartheid Wall and to strengthen solidarity
>and cooperation between people and grassroots
>organisations from Palestine and the rest of the
>Please come and participate in:
>-> an International Seminar Against the Apartheid Wall
>on August 14-16 in Ramallah
>-> an International Non-Violent Direct Action Camp
>against the Wall, starting on August 20.
>-> if you can, the complete Freedom Summer campaign of
>ISM (June 25 - August 19), which includes a three-week
>Freedom Walk along the path of the Wall from Jenin to
>Jerusalem (July 30 - August 19) during which the
>International Seminar will take place (see
>The permanent aggression against the land and people
>of Palestine by the Israeli government denies peace
>and stability to the whole region and makes hundreds
>of millions of Arabs and Muslims question the double
>standards of the West. If Western countries allow the
>Israeli government to complete the Apartheid Wall,
>dividing Palestinians from Palestinians, stealing more
>of our land and destroying more of our livelihoods,
>this feeling of injustice and alienation will
>intensify. This summer is probably the last chance to
>stop the hatred and violence embodied by the Wall
>before it is completed, and we ask you to help making
>it happen.
>We believe that the "clash of civilisations" ideology
>on which the wall is based is only a cover to disguise
>racism and colonialism. The Wall is not going to solve
>the conflict, only the end of the Occupation can bring
>justice and peace to our land.
>We therefore call upon people from all over the world
>to come this summer and do what your governments are
>not doing: engaging personally on the ground in order
>to support the end of the Occupation and the conflict.
>This invitation includes the growing numbers of
>Israelis who are taking a courageous stand, rejecting
>their government's policies and supporting the
>inalienable rights of Palestinian people, such as the
>Right to Return of Palestinian refugees.
>The International Seminar Against the Apartheid Wall
>will cover topics such as land confiscation, the
>isolation of Palestinian communities, loss of
>agricultural land and water resources, the impact of
>the Wall on education, health services and the
>economy, the effects of checkpoints and imprisonment
>on Palestinian women, the situation of Palestinian
>refugees and the attempts to deny their rights,
>Palestinian youth work under the occupation, and the
>role of civil organisations in resisting the
>Occupation, the Apartheid, the transfer and the armed
>conflict. Speakers will represent Palestinian
>grassroots organisations and representatives of the
>Palestinian National Authority, and the programme will
>end with a visit to the President Compound.
>The Action camp will include actions of civil
>disobedience and demonstrations, and will be based on
>a strict non-violence code (for the protection of all
>participants). Attending a NVDA training by the
>International Solidarity Movement will be required in
>order to attend the Action Camp. It is much better if
>you can attend the trainings offered in your own
>country, in order to decide if you want to participate
>before catching the plane and to diminish the pressure
>on the training capacities of ISM in Palestine. We
>need as many people as possible to join in order to
>make a deep impact.
>If you are interested please get in touch with:
>* your national ISM contact (see
>* or palestine_seminar at yahoo.com
>Please help us to distribute and translate this
>message, and to post it in relevant lists, Indymedia
>sites and other alternative information channels. We
>want it to reach far beyond the groups that are
>already active on Middle East issues, since the
>relevance of the Apartheid Wall goes far beyond any
>geographic location. We would love to welcome
>organisations active in fields such as NVDA,
>environmental racism, access to education and health
>care, etc.
>If you are going to attend the PGA conference in
>Belgrade this summer and want to go to Palestine
>afterwards, you can take the boat from Greece to Haifa
>and join ISM's Freedom Summer Campaign before the
>seminar. Check www.palsolidarity.org for more details
>on Freedom Summer.

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