[imc-italy] Fw: [Mediapolitics] A new IMC article

changsing changsing at paranoici.org
Sat Aug 21 03:01:17 PDT 2004

giro dalla lista mediapolitics.
è un bell'articolo, per chi ha voglia.
english only, ahimè ;)



Hello eveyone,

I just wanted to let the list know of an article that I
wrote on Indymedia:


	 Indymedia's Independence: From Activist Media to Free

I was told that some folks on this list might be interested since it
has to do with the political culture of the IMCs as well as
Indymedia's relationship to Free Software.

The article is more of an introductory piece so I am not sure that
there will be much that will strike you all as radically new or
surprising. The last two sections on "Independence" and the New
Indymedia Process are probably the more analytical sections. 

I welcome any comments or feedback. I am an anthropologist from the
University of Chicago whose primary focus has been Free Software but
am more generally interested in 'high=tech' political movements.  

I have found researching Indymedia fruitful for understanding Free Software which tends to carry a very different political message. I
should have compared them more but I think I wanted to emphasize the
differences and the editor wanted me to empahsize the similarities! :-)

I have posted the article on the research wiki also. 


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