[imc-italy] casini britannici

mazzetta goedel at fastwebnet.it
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riassumo :)
pare che in UK si sia scatenata una caccia alle streghe
dopo critiche a censure troppo facili, pare siano stati bannati ip ed
indirizzi di iscritti alle liste

chi ha fatto il post si chiede se si tratti in un "inquinamento" delle liste
da parte di "estranei" o di una deriva sclerante
my 2 cents e perdonate la non-traduzione
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> come da oggetto
> http://italy.indymedia.org/news/2005/04/769537.php
>         Be Aware
> It has come to light that in a draconian new move the editorial team at
> Indymedia UK have approved the use of gagging orders on a number of well
> known british activists by banning their IP numbers and email addresses
> accessing the Indymedia UK site newswire and lists. This decision follows
> series of incidents whereby posts to the newswire have been hidden from
> public view despite the fact that they in no way contradicted the
> guidelines laid down by UK IMC's editorial team.
> It's unclear at present whether the decision has been taken due to the
> editorial teams' bias in censoring any postings that are not in sympathy
> with their own personal opinions, or whether in fact outside agents are at
> work within IMC UK. It seems that the "alternative" news media furnished
> the Indymedia UK collective is now subject to heavy censorship and that
> certain individuals are being singled out in a disgraceful and
> witch hunt.
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