[Listwork] wanted: @indymedia.org address

kristy at mutualaid.org kristy at mutualaid.org
Tue Sep 14 05:47:19 PDT 2004


I'm not sure who to talk to about this but Im wondering about getting an
@indymedia.org email address. I've worked with the DC IMC for the last
year and a half (video, community screenings and organizing) and recently
moved to Lima, Peru, to do longterm media work with migrant teenage women
working as "maids" here, mainly a documentary video about their organizing

It's been exciting to be learning about media projects going on in
communities here, including the reorganization of Peru IMC, and hooking
folks I meet up with the local and global indymedia networks. An indymedia
email address (or actually I think its just a pointer?) can support my
project (my current address doesn`t lend any information to people about
what kind of media work I'm involved in) and can serve the ever important
goal of spreading the IMC site name to the as many members of diverse
communities as possible.

Thanks for any information you have on how to go about doing this. And as
always here's to keeping the network growing in its many forms and new
participant voices.


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