[Listwork] Policy on handling the issue of slack or abusive mailing list administrators, was: a disgusting thread

Alster alster at indymedia.org
Wed Oct 25 11:40:13 PDT 2006

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ana wrote:
> one request we have received is about some one complaining that his name
> is on one posting calling him a nazi and/or paedophile, I haven't spent
> time discerning.
[URLs removed, see previous post on thread or SoS]
> If you realise it is on the imc-darwin list. Imc darwin is being the
> subject of a proposal to dissafiliate them.
> I'm not sure if we should throw more flames to the fire or even if it
> would be appropriate for this already overworked list... but i am having
> this idea of putting our foot down and saying that if they do not stop
> posting personal insults with full names and surnames we would just
> close down the list...
> Otherwise, I honestly suspect a flood of requests from people who need
> the insults removed from the posts.
> What do people think, please...?

I suggest that people keep asking the mailing list admins to hide such
posts as suggested in the FAQ:
and get back to Listwork (through SoS) if the admins did not take action
in response to this request within a reasonable time (a few days to a week).

After this, Listwork can hide posts which are obviously not suited for
being hosted on the lists.indymedia.org mailing lists archives.

If a user learns that a mailing list admin does not act in response to
such issues repeatedly, the IMC which the mailing list belongs to should
be notified and asked to fix this situation, as well as to respond to
such concerns. If no reply to such a notification is received within a
reasonable time, the initially sent email should be forwarded to
listwork, accompanied by links to the mailing list posts which caused
the discussion and a list of reasons (such as taken from the PoU) which
justify that this mailing list is not suited for hosting on

If the reasoning is comprehensible, Listwork will then deactivate the
mailing list and prevent access to questionable posts on its archives
and inform the mailing list admins and the IMC it belongs to about this

If the reasoning is not obvious, Listwork will ask the user to initiate
a decision making process on this topic by IMC Process.

All of the above is a policy _suggestion_, as I don't think we have a
specific policy for how all of this process is handled right now.

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