[mir-coders] an attempt at rss2.0 templates

Chris chrisc at indymedia.org
Tue Feb 1 17:14:17 PST 2005


On Mon 31-Jan-2005 at 11:33:37PM -0800, mbc wrote:
> here's my initial attempt at an rss2.0 template. can
> folks look this over and see if it works? 

What would need adding to producer.xml to make it work?

> also, i'd like to add a video rss feed to sandiego.indy.
> can somebody explain to me how their video rss feeds
> work? 
> I'm assuming that it just uses the standard rss-1.0
> template with some selection code in the producers.xml
> file.

Yeah, feel free to copy the uk one:



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