[New-imc] imc slovakia sponsor?

Michal Cudrnak cudrnak at nm.psg.sk
Mon Nov 1 03:44:08 PST 2004


in the light of recent discussion about lurkers, sponsors (and 
whoknows what other creatures :) i'd like to raise my arm once 
again here to justify my presence. i lurking to get a sponsor for our 
imc slovakia group, i realized now!

to be honest its not moving too fast as people have to do some 
other things too, but maintain the will and dedication. some other 
contacts have been made (since no-one is following us here - yeah 
right we don't call for it - i don't have to mention the other groups, or 
do i?).

we have the unofficial non-promoted beta site (problems with 
language change in dadaIMC..), some submissions have been 
sent, mainly messages form other countries not local coverage so 
far... but it is in progress. we also hope to collaborate with imc 
Vienna, as its really close to Bratislava (capital of Slovakia, where 
many people involved live). we have one friend (ekh squat), who's 
posting a story about the background of the problems starting 
there... well but that's some other story.

question: who's willing to sponsor us? (if i get the meaning right, a 
person that'll help us to form the group, start etc)


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