[New-imc] Re: IRC meeting

ana anap at indymedia.org
Sun Oct 10 18:15:31 PDT 2004


that meeting was very very good. I don't see anything wrong with what 
you decided, and I endorse everything, although some things may take 
some time until some one gets them on, and some will be difficult to 
enforce, like volunteers from new imcs being on the list to follow up 
applications. This measure i find necessary because, as a work group, i 
would like to ask for people's opinion on some issues before fully 
endorsing a new imc, and we can not do it freely if the imc involved is 
on the list and replies quickly to any criticism. they will always be 
able to read the archive anyway but communication could get really 
ackward if the involved imc's volunteers intervene on this list.

So, yes i agree with all these proposals, and we need a call out for new 
imc volunteers soon. We should put 'requirements' tho, like being 
involved in indymedia for a year or so?

Just my own thoughts anyway.


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