[New-imc] Re: IRC meeting

ana anap at indymedia.org
Mon Oct 11 15:12:43 PDT 2004


agree that new-imc meetings should be postponed for now... maybe... just 
a few points, about the log:

General points.

1) in order of imporance in my opinion - but you will have to find it at 
the end of the email :-p

2) next irc meeting: do it invite only. If people want to have a global 
discussion about how the network works, they should call for that 
general discussion in other lists, not here.

3) About 'criteria of members': to note that, more and more, global 
tasks are done by people who are fed up with their local collectives but 
do not want to leave indymedia, therefore they get involved globally. It 
is a pattern that has not been worded so far afaik.

4) always check before the meeting that some one is looging. If no one 
can log, go to #tech, for instance (or, may i say, #uk is a good place 
too) and ask for people with a good connection who can log, and invite 
them for this purpose.

Specific points.

><clampin> something like a newbies mutual help tool
><clara> i also think that we need not have a more friendly communication,
>but i hope that that's easier once we can at least guarnetee that all new
>collectives at least get a reply
agree: what we need is peole from the new-imc, to get involved then in 
helping out us 'old' volunteers. If one recommendation to be a new imc 
is to get involved in process list, getting invloved in new-imc list as 
a 'learner volunteer' could be one of them. then the liaison for a 
new-imc would have the 'old' one, and the 'almost-as-newbie-as-herself'. 
But we cant get any more workload than we have, i believe.

><clara> - updating the wiki: the wiki is kind of messed up, and I think not
><clara> the sponsors of different IMCs use them. 

I am using it at the moment...  might do with some clearing but i don't 
find this a necessary priority; rather maybe go to the archive and 
rescue the aspiring imcs that never got an answer? (after ahimsa drama 
is over please)

><rosabrasil> Well, we may postpone the meeting, but who guarantees that more
>people will participate in the next meeting?
wait a few days after the ESF and see how ahimsa issue evolves. I'm sure 
there will be more people, maybe me included. Also a good deal of notice 
would help, maybe 2 weeks notice.

I got an idea: add another step once the indymedia is formed: evaluation 
of the process, so that they can give us feedback. we can even start 
asking now, on this list, on process...

><clara> so i would prefer not to encourage people to subscribe to it while
>they are setting up a new collective
i personally would prefer people not to subscribe at all unless they 
intend to help out with new-imcs.

><clara> i think by now i'm also a bit tired of all those people who just
>lurk on lists without commitment
><clampin> thats a part of the game :)
><clara> no it certainly isn't
it is on a local imc, and we tend to tolerate it. But it should not be 
and the members of a working group have the right to make their 
communication tools closed - which does not mean non-transparent. Can 
still have a closed list publicly archived.

><Libby> and newimc is a working group, so the list should be for people who

And this is the 1) from general:

 If you read the log... do you realise that it is 3 women doing the work 
and talking 'to the point' while being distracted, by a some one 
non-gender-specific, who towards the end of the meeting goes...

<clampin> lol
<clampin> have a nice run, clara


maybe new-imc is not a list to discuss gender issues but this is just 
another example of the shit some of us are given without deserving it. 
And a very telling example too.

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