[New-imc] IMC korea?

melpomene melpomene at riseup.net
Thu Jan 13 19:03:30 PST 2005


i can understand your confusion... However, no one was trying to
undermine your project.... sheri is friends with mj kim and naturally
brought it up in conversation - and she shared her info and knowledge -
as she was a bit confused herself, i believe, that "your president" knew

this is just a little communication "breakdown", and nothing to worry
about.......isn't it great to know that we're all friends, even if we
didn't know? :-)

indymedia's structure relies in part on this kind of friend-of-a-friend
protocol and it makes it a strong network... 

finally, i would be happy to help you along the new imc process if no
one else offers / has offered...... perhaps sheri wants to help out?

in any case, i am sure that everyone is looking forward to see imc-korea


On Sat, 2005-01-08 at 06:02, juanita bonita wrote:
> hello!i hope someone can help me (us). my name is
> nancy, i am one of the people who is working to start
> an IMC in south korea.
> we sent you our form requesting permission to start up
> a new IMC three weeks ago but we haven't heard back
> from anyone at "new imc" yet. 
> <<actually about a week after we submitted it, someone
> from IMC houston sent us back our application with no
> explanation why. this really confused us. we emailed
> back asking why we were sent back the app, but nobody
> has replied yet. ALSO someone from IMC austin emailed
> one of our group asking if we needed their help which
> we graciously accepted. but that's it>>
> could someone let us know what is happening with our
> application? 
> one more thing: on our application, we stated that we
> would be working with "mediact" (a government
> -sponsored independent media technical training
> centre) here in seoul. the very next week, after
> having a meeting there, i and the other "imc korea"
> posse were approached by kim myong joon (mediact prez)
> who seemed a little miffed that we hadn't contacted
> him about the IMC project yet as we had stated on our
> application that we would be working with his
> organization. we were really confused how he KNEW
> about the contents of our app...while some of our
> start-up team members are also members of mediact and
> use the facilities, we weren't planning on contacting
> "the president" until we were a little bit more
> developed in our "vision"...we were (are) still busy
> organizing and laying the groundwork.(also, he could
> have contacted US at any time!).  at any rate, we were
> a little shocked when we realized that someone at "new
> imc" must have sent him our entire application. is
> this a usual thing for you to do? we are now working
> on smoothing things over with him and de-ruffling his
> feathers but i am really curious as to WHY he was sent
> our app?
> we are pretty anxious at this point to hear from you
> so we would really appreciate a prompt reply...
> peace and solidarity,
> nancy
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