[New-imc] imc-palestine list created

boud boud at riseup.net
Thu Apr 20 10:28:19 PDT 2006

hi new-imc,

listwork got a bit confused with the palestine list request, and
instead of creating imc-pal, has converted the old imc-palestine list
to the requested configuration (6 admins, public archives, unmoderated
for subscribers etc) requested for the new list, imc-pal.

Please remember that listwork people are busy people doing lots of
good stuff keeping over 900 mailing lists running. Just imagine: if
one person from each mailing list makes a request to the listwork
group just once a week, that's 900 emails every week.

This would mean more than 100 emails every day for the listwork

If people still want to create imc-pal then they should contact:

listwork at sos.indymedia.org

i suggest people just subscribe to imc-palestine and then our new-imc
volunteer jenka can help facilitate discussion if needed and people
can sort out what issues need to be dealt with etc etc.


process mailing list:

listwork FAQ:
http://newlist.indymedia.org https://docs.indymedia.org/view/Sysadmin/ListWorkFAQ


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