[New-imc] DIMC removed from service.

Axxs axxs at axxs.org
Tue Aug 1 17:21:08 PDT 2006

The Axxs Collective are immediately in process of removing the DIMC site
as per our collective decision and conditions of hosting Indymedias, put
forward July 8th.

We are fulfilling our original request, removing Dave's block on our
consensus which has had him vilified by the DIMC collective, one of the
Indymedia sites on the server, and personally targeted and shattered for
his convictions and commitment over building rather than destroying. 

We are protecting him and our workplace at the moment as our major

We just do not have the time to go through the huge amount of
documentation from both sides to justify the censure as requested by
DIMC of any site, and can only protect ourselves at the moment from the
continued attacks of DIMC using our own services to further their agenda
for return of a URL by Indymedia. This is our immediate concern as we
just do not have the power DIMC invest in us to be able to do anything
about their URL. What could be done has been offered, and refused

Axxs.org is not Indymedia, has not partaken in the debate over right or
wrong, but our right not to have to deal with this, as it would set a
precedent that would mean we could not provide services as we currently
are, the workload to do so would be astronomical as we have a huge
amount of sites on our network, and are workers collectives behind the

We are workers. By our actions in the workplace, we are activists. It is
not our job to 'police' Indymedia as a network.

Indymedia is a network that has been treated as a network, and hence all
Indymedia sites have been welcome in the past. There has been no intent
or indeed interest in delving into the personal histories of imc
collectives as a condition of hosting, as this has been taken as

DIMC refuse to see the plain simplicity of the situation, and also the
fact they have pushed us to make this decision by their very actions.
DIMC have been given a huge amount of time and leeway to make an attempt
at finding hosting elsewhere for a transparent shift off our servers,
and have made no attempt whatsoever, or tried to work with us. If DIMC
have no other hosting situation, that is the fault of their own inaction
on our repeated requests.

We trust that Indymedia as a network, will work as a network, we cannot
any longer be asked to police it, or be held to task over our policy to
accept all Indymedia sites for hosting without having to go through all
their personal histories and discussions on Indymedia lists before

Axxs.org will continue to host Indymedia collectives, with obviously one
stipulation. We are not personally attacked for this stance or
neutrality over a network we host. We are supporting the Indymedia
_network_, not taking sides in it's disputes. We are trying to provide
alternate hosting to the conglomerates, not dispute resolution between
collectives in another network.

Axxs.org Collective

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