[New-imc] IMC Arafura - LIST OF CONCERNS v1.0

Petros Evdokas petros at cyprus-org.net
Mon Jul 3 18:12:53 PDT 2006

boud wrote:

> petros - the idea at this stage (theoretically speaking) is *not* for
> IMC Arafura to respond to the concerns, but rather for anybody who 
> has concerns to add them to the list if they are not already present.
> Once we agree that we have a list of concerns, then we can go through
> step by step to see if they can be resolved. 

Hello to all, new-imc and Arafura people,
Thanks Boud,

I agree with your proposal to proceed as you described.
I also feel that in general, the way you laid out the various concerns 
expresses me well.

Also, thanks for asking me again to add any concerns to the list.

I would only add some more information. Perhaps it can be seen in the 
spirit of painting a better picture, or making a richer image, using 
transparency to clarify the context of my own participation in the 
dialogue between new-imc and the arafura group.

Perhaps it can be seen in the spirit of your suggestion :
> You might also like to very briefly itemize which concerns you think
> are important, unimportant, or already resolved.

Essentially the information I want to add might be nothing new but I 
feel it's an important part of our process; having a transparency about 
things helps, even if it might be painful sometimes. I feel better 
knowing that whoever I'm having a dialogue with is informed about my 
positions or my path on the relevant issues.

As you know, I believe that the Arafura application is separate from, 
but also inseparably connected to, the conflict between the Arafura 
group and the Darwin group. I have observed and studied this conflict to 
a great depth. The way in which I see the Arafura people participating 
in the conflict (now, currently, not "in the past") is sculpting my 
impressions on whether this group can (or should) be a local indymedia 

Two recent letters of mine can give you a better glimpse on what is 
happening inside me on this issue. If you want to understand how this 
person you are conversing with (Petros) feels and thinks, please read 
these letters I sent recently to the imc-Darwin group.

[imc-darwin] moving forward with the situation

[imc-darwin] [New-imc] IMC Arafura - LIST OF CONCERNS v1.0 / part 1

You may want to know the context of this second letter a little better. 
I believe you can understand me a little better, and therefore my 
participation in this dialogue between new-imc and the Arafura group. My 
second letter above, is a response to a letter by Mick Lambe. His is a 
response to my previous letter (the one that which began with thanking 
Boud for the work on the Arafura application).
Mick's letter is addressed to me and starts with the phrase
"load of crap":

The additional element that you may not be aware of, is related to the 
fact that it is generally known that I'm one of the founding members of 
Cyprus IndyMedia and very active both in the editorial collective and 
its organizational functions.

So, items like this have begun appearing on the pages of Cyprus 
IndyMedia - notable is the one published by "Fuck off Petros":

It is in this twisted and bizzarre context that I wrote and I stand by 
everything I wrote in :

Additionally, it is in this context that I am observing and interpreting 
the way that the individual members of the Arafura group and their 
allies, whose sanity so far has not been questioned in this process, are 
participating in the conflict.

I feel it's important to underline this: that their sanity has not been 
questioned so far. It gives us the opportunity to evaluate the actions 
and non-actions of the Arafura group as if they are coming from 
responsible radical activists and independent journalists seeking to 
enter a political alliance, an organic relationship and co-operation 
with indymedia. Once we remove the factors of possible "psychological 
illness", "uncontrolled impulses", etc. to explain what they're doing ww 
have no other option bu to evaluate the actions/non-actions of the 
Arafura group by weighing them as conscious decisions and actions by 
responsible individuals, who have thought out and have calculated 
clearly with a cool head the repercussions of what they do and what they 

So for anyone with patience to figure out what is going on, there's 
plenty of evidence. But it's too much for the ordinary person to process 
and to follow through. It's overwhelming. I share with you the above 
materials in the hope that at least you will know what my own 
orientation is in this dialogue, and/or what moral and political 
principles guide me. Just so that there will be nothing hidden in all 
this, so that we can have a dialogue which is as transparent as possible.

I'd like to repeat that it's time now for the Arafura group to speak, 
either to do as Boud suggested when he wrote "the idea at this stage 
(theoretically speaking) is *not* for IMC Arafura to respond to the 
concerns, but rather for anybody who has concerns to add them to the 
list if they are not already present", which is a very good idea, or if 
there aren't any more concerns, to begin to address the existing ones in 
whatever way feels feasible or desirable.

Thanks again for this opportunity,

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