[New-imc] LONDON, ONTARIO (sending to imc-process pending translation)

Toban tblack2 at uwo.ca
Tue Jul 11 14:49:30 PDT 2006


The communication has begun, which is great.

But I must point out that a couple of your criticisms aren't fair:

Here are two of my old communication attempts:
And I made efforts to contact people directly -- that is, off-list.

My account on the Ontario twiki didn't work.  I created it, but couldn't
use it.  (If you google "TobanBlack" the account comes up.)

These are petty details, but I feel that I must defend my integrity and


boud wrote:
> hi toban, everyone,
> On Mon, 10 Jul 2006, Toban wrote:
>> Hi boud,
>> new-imc,
>> and imc-ontario list subscribers,
>> On a few occasions I've made efforts to get in touch with anyone who may
>> be working behind the scenes on IMC Ontario organizing.  It seems to me
>> that there are no such people.  There certainly isn't any organizing
>> being done on the lists, and I don't see any indication that off-list
>> organizing is happening.
> i cannot see any attempt you have made to contact the imc-ontario group
> on their mailing list during the last twelve months:
> http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-ontario/
> i could only find your email about trying to start imc canada:
> http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-ontario/2005-September/0922-s6.html
> So let's not blame anyone for lack of communication, but please, now
> start communicating with each other :).
>> I plan to get in touch with other Ontario IMCs to see if there's any
>> support for disaffiliating IMC Ontario, so that it can be replaced.  The
>> current site is not legitimate.  If any newswire editing is being done,
> Well, how about first trying to get into contact - kevin replied rather
> quickly, and he's verified that the site still functions.
>> it's totally closed off to outsiders -- there aren't opportunities to
>> get involved.  I tried to set up an editorial account, but I couldn't
>> get it working, as the site is broken and/or someone has to approve the
>> account.  But it seems that there's no organizers who can be contacted
> Most indymedia sites (unfortunately) are highly non-wiki - and the
> ones that do have wiki components are not as open as wikipedia wikis -
> IMHO this is indymedia people being pedantic (or afraid or ignorant or
> protecting the "territory they know and control") in interpreting
> "open publishing", since IMHO "open editing" sounds like the natural
> extension of "open publishing" now that we know that it is both
> technically and cyber-socially practical. (It's also in maffew's vision
> of indymedia paper...)
> In any case, it is certainly possible to register on
> ontario.indymedia.org . i just did so five minutes ago. The server is
> very slow to respond to any request - it takes about 10-20 seconds -
> but it seems to function fine apart from that.
> (1) Click on "power publish".
> (2) Click on "register".
> (3) Fill in two words to make your username, and a password twice and click
> submit.
> It's a twiki like the one used in http://docs.indymedia.org (which is 
> read-only at the moment), so it's a bit different syntax and style to 
> mediawiki wikis.
>> about that or other issues related to the site.  I certainly haven't
>> been able to get in touch with anyone.
> If you don't email the main mailing list of an imc, it's unsurprising that
> you have a communication problem, since (nearly all) imcs function by
> public mailing lists. (IMC Belarus functions by a special topic on its
> website.)
>> Anyway, an earlier draft of the London-Ontario application documents was
>> sent out to other Canadian IMC lists (possibly all of them -- I can't
>> remember).
> Well, please start communicating with each other. :)
> As i said, this is just a side comment.
> solidarity
> boud
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