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Tue Jul 18 18:48:50 PDT 2006

hi ekes, new-imc,

aurele sent a short reply some time back, but i'll probably send
something with a bit more detail. ucha looks like he's a serious
activist - he's not necessarily interested in an indymedia type
group, but in any case, he's certainly welcome to use our software
and learn from our experience. And maybe he and his colleagues really
could be interested in an indymedia style group. Anyway, i'll
write this more sensibly later... though it would be good if someone
else from CEEurope could take this on...

i've heard good stuff about war resisters international.

IMC Ukraine is (relatively) close to Georgia.

General info for central/east european imc's:



On Mon, 17 Jul 2006, ekes wrote:

> Sent to www-tech. Someone here got some experience of the area and
> groups to reply? Or can send a generic one.
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> Subject: 	[www-tech] Indymedia in Georgia
> Date: 	Sun, 18 Jun 2006 00:36:46 +0500
> From: 	Ucha Nanuashvili <hridc at hridc.org>
> To: 	<www-tech at lists.indymedia.org>
> Dear colleagues,
> We, the group of peace and human rights activists and journalists in
> Tbilisi, Georgia are interested to develop an independent media centre
> in Georgia. Could you please advoce us or provide some detailed
> information about the IMC.
> Thank you,
> best wishes,
> Ucha Nanuashvili
> Coordinator, War Resisters' International - Georgian Section
> Human Rights Information and Documentation Center
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