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Sat Mar 18 20:36:37 PST 2006

new-imc working group

Could you please explain why people who were legitimately expelled for unethical behaviour and lying are getting preference to our domain when the need for new-imc has yet to be established?

Our collective has not been convinced that there is any need for new-imc - nor has there been any discussion on this or whether the expulsions were justified.

That needs to take place prior to a rushed application backed by demonstrably biased people.

You will be trampling our rights if no discussion takes place and people we legitimately expelled and who continued to behave unethically and lie after their expulsions are rewarded for their ugly behaviour.

We have nothing to hide.

mick - DIMC imc liaison

Cameron Gregg <cam at earthanarchy.org> wrote: Nigel W wrote:

>      >They should go through new-imc to acheive this, in my opinion.
>     Why should they? They already went through all that a few years
>     back. Fact based logical argument please, not opinion *only*.

The dipute over the darwin.indymedia.org domain is now in the hands of 
the new-imc working group.

I do request that Mick stop the personal attacks on stacy and myself, 
and the attacks on sydney indymedia.


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