[New-imc] palestine indymedia - proposed irc meeting

boud boud at riseup.net
Sun Mar 26 07:09:20 PST 2006

hi jenka, all

On Sun, 26 Mar 2006, sing and dance wrote:

> ok....
> who should we talk to about getting this list?

- look in lefthand column or centre column for "Tech", then "listwork"
- click on "listwork" - you'll find

>  i tried to write to the list admins that are listed in the
> palestine-imc list description when i was seeking info on the
> current status of palestine-imc a month or so ago.  there were four,
> i believe, and a couple fo the emails bounced, the others didn't
> write back.

i suggest writing to them publicly with a cc to new-imc and give them
a reasonable deadline (3 days? after all, the previous imc has been
inactive for something like a year or so, so they can hardly

If they don't respond, then IMHO it should be possible to have
consensus on new-imc for a choice of "neutral" admins.

jenka, petros: can you please propose some names (emails) of people
mutually acceptable as admins for the imc-palestine mailing list?

After there is consensus on new-imc, i would expect that an email
to   listwork at indymedia org   should be enough - but listwork will
most likely check the new-imc archives to see if there is consensus here.

> i do want the process to be inclusive....i just don't want to get
> caught in a whole web of indymedia process and tie this thing up for
> months (as i have seen happen in the past)....

Most new imc groups *do* take months to get organised. Non-hierarchical
process is something new for most of us - good intentions are not 
enough, learning new skills and habits is also necessary if we want
to produce non-hierarchical, non-authoritarian structures.

> the ppl here are overworked, trying to post dozens of incidents and
> articles every day from the ground....and i too, am overworked here,
> just in trying to maintain the site, solve tech issues, ward off
> attacks, edit and cover events....  the folks who want to do this
> have been meeting, talking, planning....  so....as you and petros
> both say...

>> "If a new Palestine-imc is to be created, in order to survive and serve
>> its mission, it will have to be as independent from the rest of
>> indymedia as possible, as immune to our weaknesses as possible, and as
>> self-sufficient as possible. That's why [petros has] proposed a dialogue, in
>> order to help with the process of self-organization without us getting
>> in the way, while we help to keep out others from getting in the way as
>> well."

Since people have been meeting, talking, planning, it should not be 
difficult for them to go through the process, including discussing
petros' concerns one-by-one on the imc-palestine list once it is 

> are you the boud with india imc?

Yes, except that IMHO the word "with" is exaggerated - i've been
playing a weak support role - see
for more info about the history of IMC India over the past 4 1/2 years.
Please correct any misleading/incorrect information there or add
supplementary information. It's a wiki.

boud (imc-pl-torun)

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