[New-imc] PROPOSAL Darwin/Arafura and new-imc (fr)(en) Deadline 2006.10.11

mick lambe PARIAH pariahnt at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 22 01:07:26 PDT 2006

We were accused of lying about the expulsions which Fiona and Viki Z stated never took place.

I was accused of bullying these liars and exploiting Aboriginal people.

Disproved by Stacy Scheff when she investigated our Aboriginal members at their home without invite and breaking an agreement to meet our collective.

Why did Fiona take 6 months to decide on these lies? Because up to then our collective had tolerated her absolute lack of work and abuse of our trust.

Once we said enough and refused to associate with her - she met with the expelled people (first time in 6 months) and with some helpful hosting from Stacy Scheff (Oz imc despot) began a hate campaign with these people that went on for months and involved entire articles and threads about my "bullying", etc...

perth jumped on the hatewagon and seized our site with no process - making us out to be liars. 

Despite my being accused of being a 'bully' - these expelled people then invaded an activist meet at our home and threatened and insulted us (just before perth imc's -  DIMC unsanctioned -  meet) - the beginning of a neo-nazi campaign to intimidate us.

We expelled Fiona and Viki Z for lying.

It is good to see what your network is really about and its function in attacking activists and removing our hard work from the www.

You have poisoned Oz cyber space for me and removed much of my work after years of hate and lies directed at me that breached the ED Pol and POU.

You are biased and trying to  WHITEWASH your race/hate campaigns and autocracy. The censorship on a list debating our credibility  - is disgusting.

We are an affilliated imc and 'arafura' is a sham collective created by Scheff to ensure indymedia is totally discredited in the NT - just some liars who couldn't intimidate our collective or lever indymedia to force me to associate with them.

Your proposal simply ignores facts that expose it as a breach of the POU and general principles of autonomy - it is accusatory and supports the race/hate campaigns and intimidation our collective has endured.

You may as well be the CIA.

I am opposed to such foreign influences dictating to us..


One of the many sites I create and maintain while you concentrate on my just anger at your authoritarian and racist Oz imc.

You should be ashamed to associate with these "indymedia powers-that-be" - not covering up for them.

You have gone further than the disgusting manifestation of the Oz imcs hatred against me - Andrew Lowenthal's "juden' proposal to 'disaffilliate the DIMC.

"Any collective wishing to call itself Darwin Indymedia would therefore require, as part of it's constitution, to exclude this individual (mick lambe) and would automatically forfeit it's place as an IMC if he were ever to become a member." [1]

You support people who have lied about - threatened and assaulted our members - as your insulting proposal demonstrates.

Fuck 'arafura' and fuck your attempts to poison Oz cyberspace.

These allegations are on 'arafura' - they are outright lies by some scum who plagiarised my work.
[Imc-arafura] REMOVAL     robert fyffe      fyffe_robert at yahoo.com.au        
     Tue Aug 15 17:36:57 PDT 2006          
Hi guys,
  It seems Mick hasn't realised just yet how futile his game is.
  As fast as he can post shit, we can pull it down.
  I don't mind putting in a session most mornings and evenings to take  out the garbage, and I see you guys are catching the loose cannon balls  that slip past.
  We are only up against one man, albiet a madman, so I think he'll get  tired of his game before I do. I'm having a ball. I think it's  entertaining just watching what lengths he will go to, to discredit  himself. He's really not half as smart as he thinks he is, fortunately.  Although the man has a very high IQ, his ego counteracts about half of  it. If only he would use his intelligence constructively and  fruitfully, he could be a useful activist.
  Anyway he has anonymously posted three articles 
  All of them quickly followed by comments (anon of course) claiming  these articles to be plagiarised from his work on pariah. And demanding  that we take them down. I'm happy to oblige, even though the poor bloke  doesn't seem to grasp the concept of process. He has not contacted via  the email list, but through flaming comments
  I managed to catch a brief glimpse of the all new drupal pariah, just  before it went off line, and certainly the latter two appeared on his  site in a similarly plagiarised form.
  I have unpublished and hidden all three, as I do believe that in their current form they constitute plagiarism.
  I have also newshawked two of the articles, in their original form, and  posted them. One from the Sunday Territorian, the other from  ABC-online. Feel free to unpublish those if you feel they require  further debate before being published.
  Bizarre isn't it, that Mick should plagiarise his own already plagiarised crap.
  Just to make us look stupid?

I did not post those PLAGIARISED comments

FUCK OFF WITH YOUR LIES and CENSORSHIP - Fyffe is a compulsive liar as petros (new-imc) has pointed out.

mick - DIMC

John Milton <john at johnmilton.ca> wrote: Final text appears here:

Thanks for taking on that translation, I think it should be published 
here when done, then if all agree on it we'll send it to "process" as a 
comment to the thread yes?

Libertinus wrote:
> do you have the final text?
> real final, please.
> I can tray to translate to spanish.
> mercy bocu
> Libertinus ______________________
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/libertinus/
> http://www.fotolog.net/libertino
> Quoting John Milton :
>>Sorry about that, sent it to the wrong list the first time, anyway, I
>>got it right the second time and sent it to imc process @ 20:56 UTC
>>John Milton wrote:
>>>Hello / Bonjour:
>>>I bring this PROPOSAL from "New imc" for consensus test here with a
>>>deadline of October 11, 2006 20:30 UTC
>>Peace: John Milton
>>email: john at johnmilton.ca
>>mobile (Canada): 905-537-8472
>>web: johnmilton.ca
>>Encrypted email welcome. PGP key on my website
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Peace: John Milton

email: john at johnmilton.ca
mobile (Canada): 905-537-8472
web: johnmilton.ca

Encrypted email welcome. PGP key on my website
Fingerprint: 40D8 5835 7230 8EE1 E968  1E7A 5CF1 68A6 C0E2 F9DC

Koan for our times: "Are we smarter than yeast?"

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