[New-imc] More censorship - from the network that brought you open publishing - (but not about them...)

mick lambe PARIAH pariahnt at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 15 09:40:13 PDT 2006

  yeah - we are censored everywhere else on the imc where people make decisions about us.
  the ugly anon emails to our members about me and the lies still posted on your hate network are other ugly tactics used by this autocratic network's vindictive minions - nothing surprises me - these are sick obsessive people.
  "Any collective wishing to call itself Darwin Indymedia would therefore require, as part of it's constitution, to exclude this individual (mick lambe) and would automatically forfeit it's place as an IMC if he were ever to become a member." [1] 
  a network that uses images of dead and battered Aboriginal people to harm and provoke innocent people will never judge - or dictate the reality of local events - to us.
  nor will they ever dictate who we associate with, meet with - who we treat with respect/contempt
  It's an individual freedom thingy - you are trampling again.
  The latest proposal goes one better than Andy's 'pariah' proposal by deciding we are already disaffilliated.
  Well that obviously was not the consensus view. Nor do we accept a "process" we were excluded from.
  The Oz imc's role as the only network hosting years of race/hate campaigns against Oz activists is an accepted fact.
  Oz indymedia is autocratic and has destroyed two collectives to maintain their control over 'independent' media - even setting up a site composed of people we expelled to destroy indymedia's credibility here. The hate campaigns against darwin activists have never ceased on melb and sydney. Long before the attacks on the DIMC. It's called "bias".
  no local support for the expelled people in nearly 2 years - the expulsions ratified by credible local activists from varied backgrounds who know all parties and were often involved in events.
  we call this grassroot support 
  the Oz imcs have no grassroot support for their disgusting misuse of indymedia to attack darwin and other activists for years.
  hope this helps

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