[New-imc] I feel Petros has violated the trust of this group

John Milton john at johnmilton.ca
Tue Sep 5 17:10:13 PDT 2006

Hi Nick, and others:

Nick when you say "Speaking on behalf of the group without explicit 
authorization is a GRAVE violation of the trust of the group"

Well, often times yes, but it's far from clear to me that Petros has 
done that, as opposed to say expressing his own opinion or the opion of 
some other group for which he had a mandate to speak. Could you please 
provide a cite (hyperlink would be best) for this quote so we can 
consider it in context?


nick wrote:
> I think right now Petros has already stirred up alot of suspicion by
> telling the global community:
>> The Proposal is an interference and a violation of the currently active procedure of the new-imc work group: new-imc is already processing the case of imc-darwin.
> There was no consensus on this list to support Petros or anyone else
> announcing that new-imc is doing some thing that is not allowed to be
> violated or interfered with.  Whatever process boud, Petros or whoever
> else were involved in with Darwin was consensusal and did not include
> any official endorsement from new-imc.  Speaking on behalf of the
> group without explicit authorization is a GRAVE violation of the trust
> of the group, and furthermore, it increases the perception throughout
> the network that new-imc is attempting to seize too much power.  I
> think the healing process that Petros recommended is a much higher
> priority, because right now my trust of him has been violated.
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