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Petros Evdokas petros at cyprus-org.net
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john duda wrote:

> hey new-imc,
> i'm forwarding this message sent to www-tech along.  it seems pretty
> anti-iran, and while i'm no fan of fundamentalism, i'm no fan of
> imperialism either, so i don't really know how to respond to this.
> -john
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>    Dear Indymedia Team,
>    I am the press officer of the ISCC . I am very much interested to be
>    active in Indymedia as respectful as it is the out let for being
>    clearly transparent in its position to the "truth information
>    campaign" .
>    Our site is : [1]www.iraniscc.com
>    Please be kind enough to tell me if its possible and what we could do
>    to be actively contributing in indymedia.
>    Best
>    Summer


Hi John,

Thanks for forwarding and writing your thoughts about this contact.

What can we possibly do with this? These people operate a website which 
is the front window of an imperialist operation against Iran.

They state that their goals are:
"The International Study Committee for Change in Iran is based on three 
1. that fundamentalism is the principal global threat,
2. that the Iranian regime is the fountainhead of fundamentalism, and
3. that the solution to the current crisis is regime change in Iran."

Their founding statement is signed by:

"Friends of a Free Iran interparliamentary Group in the European Parliament,

Mr. Paulo Casaca, Euro-MP, Co-Chairman
Mr. Struan Stevenson, Euro-MP, Co-Chairman

British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom

Lord Corbett of Castle Vale, Chairman
Nordic Committee of Friends of a Free Iran
Mr. Lars Rice, Chairman
Senator Jean-Pierre Michel, President

NCRI's Foreign Affairs Committee
Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chairman"

Lord Corbett of Castle Vale, in particular, has a curious relationship 
to operations aimed at destabilizing the Middle East to ensure endless 
war and bloodshed. Here are two examples that illustrate his character:

House of Lords debates
Monday, 23 May 2005

Iran: Nuclear Programme
Lord Corbett of Castle Vale (Labour):

"My Lords, does the Minister agree that Iran's continued deceit, 
deception and defiance mean that it would be better if the Government 
ended their present policy of appeasement of this odious theocracy? Is 
it not time that the title of "terrorist" was hung around the mullah's 
neck rather than around those of people seeking to restore the democracy 
and human rights that have been stolen from them?""

'Tank Girl' Army Accused of Torture
Guardian and Human Rights Watch find evidence of abuse by Iranian 
revolutionaries under US protection

"... "To claim that every western government and humanitarian 
organization which criticizes the Rajavi cult ["People's Mujahideen" of 
Iran (MKO)] is somehow connected to the Iranian secret services shows 
Lord Corbett's own refusal to take responsibility for supporting this 
terrorist cult."

* * *

We've had similar problems in the past with reactionary or imperialist 
"contra" typy organizations seeking a relationship with IndyMedia.

In Russia and Turkey, several years ago, indymedia was in the hands of 
right wingers (and that is mostly *our* responsibility), while local 
peace and justice activists had to enter a political struggle to seize 
control and make sure that indymedia would be managed by progressive and 
radical activists.

We also had offers to set up indymedia in one of the "newly liberated" 
areas of Iraq in the time immediately surrounding the invasion, in a 
town that was totally under the control of rightwing Kurdish "contra" 
armies operated by cia advisors.

I wrote that it's mostly *our* responsibility that these things happen 
because we are reluctant to talk politics as a matter of policy, with 
prospective colleagues or candidate groups.

Anyway, at least the affiliations of this organization are clear.
I'd suggest we ignore them, or if anyone wishes to write back to them, 
please feel free to send them a copy of my letter.


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