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akop38 akop38 at riseup.net
Sat Jun 2 00:47:44 PDT 2007

sorry for the delay. Here is some answers for your questions.

>> supporting_groups:
>> Belarus (belarus.indymedia.org) and maby Russia (ru.indymedia.org)
> Could you give us the URL where you have been discussing with IMC
> Belarus? IMC Belarus has the particular situation of a "closed group"
> for tech/security issues because of the extremely bad security
> situation, but the political control is supposed to be in the "open  
> group",
> which mostly meets on the website itself, e.g. in the Indymedia  
> Belarus
> theme (focus).
> Maybe i'll start an article on belarus.indymedia.org and then we could
> talk there?
> Or do you already have a publicly archived mailing list?
> It would be good to have a place where open discussion happens not
> just locally but also globally - after all, that's rather central to
> any indymedia collective.

We had discussions with RU-IMC teams during the G8 summit. Nothing  
against the local indymedia they had not. The same situation with  
Belarus collective, even one of the Belarusian indymedia activist is  
in our team. We haven't got a publicly archived mailing list, because  
of the tense political situation in Russia. If necessary, we can ask  
them to write into mailing list
We need "closed group" because of secure. We cant publish  
announcement of our meeting because of Nazi attacks and goverment  
arrests. Our site  provides mechanism through concealing real names -  
we use a nicknames.

>> introductory_statement:
>> Our project started in July 2006, during the G8 summit in
>> St. peterburg (Russia). For nearly a year, we continue bringing
>> information into society. And now, we would like to enter into a
>> global network indymedia network.
>> For more information see our english version at
>> http://piter.indymedia.ru/en (Unfortunately, because of the lack of
>> translators, we are not able to maintain the English version, and
>> now it is available as translated material of Summit. Russian
>> version is updating almost daily.)
>> Our docs are avaible at http://piter.indymedia.ru/en/taxonomy/term/37
> It's clear that you have adopted fairly similar policies to IMC  
> Belarus,
> but with some differences. That of course, is your local autonomous  
> decision as a group. :)
> (1) Something i'm a bit puzzled about is that i could not find a  
> Russian-language version of this policy:
>  Policy of Indymedia Piter
>  http://piter.indymedia.ru/en/node/2679

It is not in the same category as english. I wrote her link. Here :  

>> steps_involve_new_workfields:
> The outreach question is important: the idea is to get together more
> and more diverse individuals and groups, not to have a small closed
> group. People may respond slowly to outreach (this means contacting
> other people, explaining free media, open publishing, etc etc), but
> in the long term this is what generates real social change.
> The last three questions are in "step 1" of the suggested new-imc
> organising process:
> https://docs.indymedia.org/view/Global/NewImcHowTo
> and other indymedia collectives might be rather unhappy if you don't
> work through them. The idea is to make a new, non-racist, non-sexist
> society starting from the way we ourselves are organised :) -  
> rather than
> just protesting and waiting for The Revolution when suddenly we'll  
> all change our habits and start to organise differently.

We have people from different collectives, such as indyvideo,  
frontAIDS,  and some Individual activists. Now we have about 6 members.

> (6) regional contacts
> As recommended here:
>  https://docs.indymedia.org/view/Global/NewImcHowTo
> you should have some contacts in the various global mailing lists,  
> especially imc-process, imc-communication, imc-finance and imc- 
> europe, and it would be good if some of you could participate
> in the next monthly CEEurope chat, which, in principle will happen at:
> Thur 31.05.2007 - 18:00 UTC = 20:00 UTC+2 (pl/hu) = 21:00 UTC+3 (by/ 
> ua) = 22:00 UTC+4 (moscow)

i'll try =)

Answwers on  questions about our policy i'll write later. Have you  
got other questions?

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