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Indymedia Lombardia originates from the “Lombardia” network node of the old Indymedia Italia project. We mean to continue the work already started with the old Indymedia Italia this because we think that in Italy, because of the current situation, there is an urgent need for a network of grassroots communication activists; there is also a need for a meeting point between the various groups, collectives and social spaces operating in the local area.
We also think that a [lively] and productive Indymedia node should be very present in the local area to better describe and report conflicts and instances of the community.
We mean to provide some tools for activists sharing our view and our mission and we'll organize community workshops about the Indymedia Project  and everyhthing that will be needed by a project based on social cooperation. 

We are already using a server shared with other Indymedia Italia nodes. 
We will use Drupal CMS software and we already have all the know-how about it, we mean to organize community workshops aimed to further knowledge of the technical know-how needed to operate our indymedia node. Lastly we choosed Drupal because in case of need we can count on the help of a large community of Drupal users both in Italy and abroad 

The current project begins after the end of the old Indymedia Italia.
The indy_lombardia node creation process was advertised on the italy.indymedia.org site; all of our meetings are open to public and everyone of them is held in a different place to better contact all the groups sharing  our policy present in the local area. We try to get the groups hosing our meetings  involved with indymedia project and we do this by promoting our mailing list and  organizational meetings.


Our work is backed up by that of the many groups, collectives and social spaces working to further diversity in the local area. We have our roots and our heart in one of the biggest anti-authoritarian and anti-racist movements. 
We also think that preserving diversity is an absolute must.We thin we should especially help those local ethnical and political groups too weak to get their  claims heard on mainstream medias. 

As an indymedia node we try  to establish relations with all groups affine with our policy in our local area and we try to organize each meeting in a different place to better involve differnt people in the indymedia project. We also try to sensibilize people on the capital importance of a grassroot communication project that can give a voice and visibility to all the struggles and groups in the local area.

As we recognize diversity and accessibility as core values of our project we mean to get involved into IMC Lombardia as many people we can; we mean to reach this goal through our public meetings and thru public presentations of the project we hope that, during these presentations, even people that have not heard of the project can get informed and get involved. 
We mean to establish in our local area to help local actors expressing local struggles. We will establish our presence on the streets by using the ties and relations that we will establish with people and gropus affine to us. 
We also want to educate people to a responsible use of the IMC Lombardia and we mean to do this organizing public workshops about indymedia usage all of our workshops will be suitable for those that have no web usage abilities and because of this they feel marginalized. 
We also believe that our presence, in the time and place of a struggle, is  an absolute must because in those situation a simple and indipendent information is what's needed to give voice to the voiceless.
In our group there are no discriminations based on age, ethnicity, gender or religion. We believe that diversity and multiculturalism are values that have to  be preserved and defended, we mean to do this by establishing relations with those  minority groups that cannot bring their issues to mainstream medias; we'll try to help them bringing the news of their struggles to the public using all of our means: videos, interview features and such.


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