[New-imc] Mayday IMC

Bartolomeo bartolomeo at indymedia.org
Fri Apr 1 15:03:40 PDT 2011


sorry about the my wrong translation. Indeed I meant minutes when I did write 
protocol, thanks smush. 

During a New-IMC process it's normal that we read the public mailing lists and 
public wikis try to find out about the structure, plans and decisions of the 
collective who wants to become part of the Indymedia network. It's one 
possibility of getting to know a new collective.

Another one are mails by the New-IMC liaison or by the collective itself in 
which the progress of the organisation process is documented. I think your 
mail from 13:11:35 today is a step in the right direction and we should 
continue this path.

Ciao, Bart

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