[Payment-discuss] two more voices on payment within the zapatista movement

Mr. Demeanour mrdemeanour at jackpot.uk.net
Wed Feb 21 06:47:00 PST 2007

nick said:
> I asked Al Giordano from Narconews and Peter Brown from Schools for 
> Chiapas if Zapatistas get paid.  Peter's answer seems to be more of
> an attempt to answer that directly, whereas Al's is an interesting 
> critique on the question itself.

What was the question? Al's answer doesn't sound like an answer to a
straight question of the form "Do Zapatistas get paid?".

Al was quoted as saying:
> ONLY financially secure people have the luxury of being "all
> volunteer".

That is a rather bald claim, and it shouldn't be accepted without
substantiation. It's also plainly at odds with Peter's response (and
with common sense, I think).
> In the end, you get what you pay for.

I think it's quite clear that it's possible to achieve more, in terms of
output, if you structure yourself so as to maximise output. It's no
coincidence that this is exactly how industrial corporations aim to
structure themselves.


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