[Resolve] Introduction and Complaint against untouchable tech

Galen Thurber galen at flightsimhq.org
Mon Feb 20 13:13:45 PST 2006

Stacy, by your demands you had no intention of mediating or resolving
the issue.
IMC rogue ops are untouchable.
Very disappointed in you and IMC.
Go demand reasons from all other participants in IMC if you are so fair,
otherwise you are a complete hypocrite.
So no I'm not gonna kiss your ass.


Stacy wrote:

> Hi Galen,
> In all of this you have not presented your reasons for wanting to be
> in indymedia irc at all.
> If you have legitimate reasons, then you'd better state them quickly,
> succinctly, politely, and with confirmation from other members of your
> collective.
> Otherwise, I tend to agree with micah, and will be tempted to propose
> that you be banned from this forum as well.
> cheers,
> stacy
> On Mon, 20 Feb 2006, Galen Thurber wrote:
>> According to Micah everything can be explained by simply accusing me of
>> being a troll, a very old internet cop out. Micah was aggressive towards
>> me demanding information from me, while I was describing the problems to
>> other ops. Just calling someone a troll is so infantile it warrants no
>> response and tells the reader that you have no point nor evidence.
>> Simply following hearsay makes a person an idiot puppet; might as well
>> join the military. Asking why I was banned is not trolling, being
>> attacked and hounded from room to room is on the other hand is mentally
>> suspect. I could not even have a room without it being stolen by one of
>> these 'trust worthy' ops. There is no evidence I trolled nor abused the
>> BLAG channel and the logs proved my innocence. No evidence I asked
>> questions over and over; contrary on the BLAG forums I was helpful not
>> to mention a big promoter of BLAG (not anymore). It is also not abuse to
>> contact an op to ask what they want. Micah started the chat I responded.
>> Still I have no idea who Micah is, so far just another ego centric rogue
>> op to me. Sure I am guilty of not taking shit from liars. As far as
>> Stevo32 goes his profanity towards me in email cements my low opinion of
>> him and certainly he is not one to trust.
>> Yes I was banned from reaching IMC main website. That can be proven by
>> examining the ban logs. I would simply change ip#s and I was able to
>> connect. After joining IMC IRC some nameless op would ban me and later
>> my access to IMC would be blocked, using an anon proxy would allow
>> immediate access to IMC site. Claiming I was not banned from IMC website
>> is pure bullshit.
>> Yes I have experienced sophisticated cyber attacks against my internet
>> connection on several occasions when my IP#s were only known to the
>> IRCops. Motive, opportunity and skill. Cyber crime is still crime and I
>> hope IMC does some house cleaning.
>> Still I ask where is the collective in dealing with rogue ops.
>> If I called someone an asshole it was justified.
>> Galen

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