[Resolve] Introduction and Complaint against untouchable tech

micah micah at riseup.net
Mon Feb 20 10:40:29 PST 2006

Hi all,

I can offer some clarification... Apparantly galen/godfree was banned
from the #indymedia channel for trolling[1]. He also has been banned from
the Blag Linux forums for trolling (Blag is a project of Jebba's). To
exact his revenge he joined #blag on IRC and trolled there also. He
was kicked out of that channel, so he started a #blagboycot channel
and then started aggressively making a scene. I believe he was banned
from #communication as well. Let me just make it clear that IRC
attracts trolls. Ask anyone who hangs out on any of the channels, we
get some weird people coming on, often looking for sex, screwing
around, taking about how high they are, or just wanting to pick
fights. Everyone is pretty nice on IRC, who is actually working on the
Indymedia related project or affiliates, you kind of have to
over-communicate in this medium to make sure that intention and
proper feelings are conveyed otherwise people can get offended quickly.

Anyways, someone told him to come into #ircd to talk about the
problem. He came in and made a bunch of accusations about jebba and
stevo32, not just that they had banned him from their channels, but
that they were "assholes" and abusing their power, etc. Jebba is
someone who I have worked with on indymedia for a long time, and I
have very strong trust relationships with him. I dont know stevo32 as
well, but he's been around and hasn't acted the way that galen was
asserting. Those relationships are enough to also trust their
judgement on issues, but I wanted to be nice and give galen his say
and hear what his side of the story was and maybe talk out the issues.
Generally miscommunications can be worked out by communicating. He
didn't allow things to get that far because to start I wanted to get
an idea if he was even involved in Indymedia at all. I asked him what
Indymedia he was involved in (he said Maritimes) I asked him if he
knew some people from there. Apparantly that was enough for him to
blow up and say I was interrogating him. He didn't want to talk on the
channel, so he sent me private messages. For example when I asked him
if he knew people at Maritimes IMC, he privately messaged me:

14:39 <galen> your point would be?

I asked him to keep things public and tried to tell him that some
people do not like getting private messages from people they do not
know unless they have been given permission to do so (this is a policy
in the #debian-women channel[2]), his response was to send me a private
messages (thereby ignoring my request):

14:42 <galen> dont interogate people you dont know
14:43 <micah> I asked you nicely not to /msg

I then tried to ask him again on #ircd for some basis to his claims
and his response was equally aggressive and affrontive and then he
said he put me on /ignore (a command so that you will not see what the
ignored person will see) and kept demanding in trollish and hostile
ways people accept his truth. 

As someone who is an IRCop who received several requests from people I
trust to kick him off, and then for him to act this way towards me
when I am trying to listen to his problem, I did not want to spend any
more time and after a simple websearch found that he was banned from a
number of other online communities for trolling[3], it seemed natural
that he is playing around and deliberately causing a scene, as this
has happened so many times in the past. so I kicked him off the server
and banned his IP from connecting. Usually this is done to allow
someone to cool-off and then they are allowed back on.

To respond to some of the rest of the message:

>Hi Galen,
>I agree that it would be good to get some idea as to the reason for your 
>banning from irc.
>Are you involved in indymedia organising?  If so, which one, and could you 
>get support from your collective to vouch for your involvement?

Similar approach I used, was met with hostility.

> I had responded, are my emails being banned as well?
> I was able to join IMC IRC today Feb 20, 2006 but I was met with abuse
> and snubs when I requested who has been banning me.

He believes that because he was kicked off of IRC that he was banned
from sending mail, and connecting to www.indymedia.org -- none of
these things are true, the IRC ban is.

The "abuse and snubs" that he received on IRC, I'll put in a note
below[5], but from my viewpoint he was antagonizing.

> Does Jeff Moe have the right to limit any IMC supporter from using these
> services:
> IMC main web site
> IMC local collectives
> IRC global chat rooms
> voice over IP services
> I was text chatting with an IRCop called Libby before I was banned.
> Hope this is a start.

Jeff is not an IRCop, nor is Libby (as he says later), Jeff simply
told me what happened and I took his information, combined it with my
trust and then approached galen to find out what his side of the story
was. I banned him from IRC, not jebba. The "voice over IP services"
that he refers to is a project of Jebba's called Blasterix[4] that he
is working with a number of people on, since he was agressive to Blag
people and was kicked off the forums, this is probably what he is
refering to.

1. Troll is an old term from usenet, it means to post something
designed to attract predictable responses or flames. It is an
individual who regularly posts specious arguments, flames or personal
attacks to a newsgroup, discussion list or IRC for no other purpose
than to annoy someone or disrupt a discussion. Trolls are recognizable
by the fact that they have no real interest in learning or
contributing to the topic at hand - they simply want to utter flame
bait.  The use of troll' in any of these senses is a live metaphor
that readily produces elaborations and combining forms. For example,
one not infrequently sees the warning "Do not feed the troll" as part
of a followup to troll postings. The best remedy for a troll is to
ignore the troll, or they will engage you in an endless series of
specious debates that will eat all your time without any intetion of
resolving a conflict.

2. The reason for this policy is for many reasons, for debian-women it
is primarily because usually when someone private messages its someone
trying to flirt with one of the women. Other reasons are because
keeping things in the open keeps things transparant, and allows others
to learn. #debian-women is a channel on another irc network that is
specifically for working towards decreasing the gender gap in the
Debian project.

3. http://www.googlism.com/index.htm?ism=galen+thurber&type=1@stevo32   

4. http://www.blagblagblag.org/BLASTERISK/

09:21 < godfree2> people too afraid to speak for fear of being banned
09:31 <@PseudoPunk> i'm getting tired of your accusations ...
09:32 < godfree2> facts tire you
09:32 < godfree2> ?
09:32 < godfree2> im the good guy
09:32 <@PseudoPunk> you might come up with facts in the first place
09:32 < godfree2> and who are you?
09:33 < godfree2> everyone is so quiet about the hypocricy of unjust
09:33 < godfree2> too afraid they'll be next
09:33 < godfree2> some collective
09:33 < godfree2> you ban any dissent or legit complaints
09:35 < godfree2> what no cowardly ban yet...
09:36 <@PseudoPunk> you're not worth the effort i guess
09:36 <@pabs> everyone just used >plonk< I guess
09:36 < godfree2> honesty not worth the effort, that says it all
09:37 < godfree2> gee you havent called me a spook or troll yet
09:37 <@PseudoPunk> sorry. i forgot that.
09:39 <@pabs> anyone got ubuntu breezy?
09:40 < godfree2> yip
09:40 < godfree2> dissappointing as usual
09:41 < godfree2> maybe a couple of your ashole ops can get me banned
there too
09:41 < godfree2> lol
09:42 <@PseudoPunk> if you want to insult, please learn to spell first
09:43 <@pabs> you talking to godfree2 PseudoPunk ? /ignore is a useful
command btw
09:44 < godfree2> typical of IRC ops, to ignore their own hypocricy
and abuse
09:44 < godfree2> "groupthink"
09:48 < godfree2> you dont even know me and yet you are so prejudice,
how hypocritical
09:49 < godfree2> some collective
09:49 < godfree2> clean up your act!
07:13 <@stevo32> To all: This is the Galen Thurber that has been
spoken of.
07:13 < godfree2> alex, see what I mean. I\ll get booted then my
computer gets cyber attacked
07:14 <@alex> godfree2: lol, if you call them hostile, i'm pretty sure
the problem is on your end and a ban justified
07:14 < godfree2> not lol
07:15 < godfree2> I get profanity sent to me
07:15 <@stevo32> by whom?
07:15 < godfree2> and as noticed they trash me behind my back
07:15 < godfree2> u
07:15 < godfree2> micah and jebba
07:15 <@alex> stevo32: i don't know galen or what thurber said. wanna
tell me?
07:16 <@stevo32> sure.
07:16 < godfree2> coming from steve clement dont expect the truth
07:16 <@stevo32> this guy is a troll who was asked to leave the BLAG
Linux ( #blag ) after continually asking silly questions and generally
not learning anything. 
07:16 <@stevo32> he was asked to leave by jebba.
07:16 < godfree2> lies
07:18 <@stevo32> he's been generally pissing off people in #blag and I
believe got a kline at some point although I'm in no position to
verify that information. 
07:19 < godfree2> yes you are                           
07:19 <@stevo32> eh? I don't have access to ircd.conf and I'm not an
oper. No position to verify that information.  
07:19 < godfree2> your cliche banned me from reading IMC web site       
07:19 <@alex> godfree2: dude, complain to the mailing list           
07:20 <@stevo32> Also, from my understanding, Alster was not very
pleased with him either and his disturbance was enough to make an     
                 appearance into #blag re: him.                   
07:20 < godfree2> I have but jebba lies to them                   
07:20 <@alex> godfree2: jebba, micah and Alster. good job. *plonk* 
07:20 <@alex> anyways, i'm afk. get a room..             
07:21 < godfree2> IMC has jebba and cliche lying about me then
investingating themselves, that is conflict of interest        
07:21 <@stevo32> well, if you've made a request to the mailing list
and it has been denied, that's reason enough to pick up and   
07:21 < godfree2> just looking for an honest person to stand up for
what it right   
07:21 <@alex> [13:20:05] <@alex> godfree2: dude, complain to the
mailing list      
07:22 < godfree2> stevo32 you are some piece of work        
07:23 < godfree2> maybe time to report you to the authorities punk 

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