[Resolve] Introduction and Complaint against untouchable tech

ben peaceworx at riseup.net
Tue Feb 21 09:54:05 PST 2006

Hi all,
reading through the issues, being active  in no IRC at all, my
impression is the following:

Galen sent his first mail to this list, mainly criticizing being banned
from irc.
When he was asked for reasons several times, there came no response or
examlpary logs from IRC discussions, which would paint a picture of how
he was mistreated.
The only IRC-logs came from Micah, which gave me the impression, that
the ops decided quite reasonable. Through these logs and through the
words that have been used in the current debate (ashole, etc.)
I see it as the best way forward, if Galen would take a step back and
reflects with some friends or professionals how it comes that so many
people get the impression that his behaviour is that of a "troll". This
reflection might bring big benefit to the issue of about how debates
should be run fair and constructively.
 I didn't have the impression, that discussing this issue here on this
list will be of much help for anybody involved.

@Galen: If you have a different opinion, please don't continuing arguing
without quotes and please don't insult any other persons. This only
strengthens my  (and I assume other's as well) impression that your
behaviour is that of a troll. Not saying that you are one, but you
behave like one, in the current debate...and from that I can imagine how
it was in the past in IRC-channels. I would love to be wrong, but
therefore I'd need proofs(through your future behaviour or

In the moment I don't see a chance for "Mediation" (all parties comming
to a mutual based decision).
Due to the level of escalation, "Arbitration" seems to be more
appropriate, which means a "third party" makes the decision.
In this case, this "third party" would the "IMC-Resolve-List", which was
originally adressed by Galen in his first mail and can be seen as the
"third party" between IRCops and Galen.

Therefore  I would love to read comments from other  people subscribed...
Sorry, for perhaps some strange english, but I it's not my mothertongue
and I am short in time these days, but wanted to post my opinion on that
With more time, I'd love tpo comment on the Darwin-Debate, but that may
take some time...

Love & solidarity,


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