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  You do make some quite wild and baseless assumptions, which you then present to the world as fact.
    I, Robert Fyffe, am not a member of NAP. Never have been, never  will be. I have never been a member of any activist organisation. I  have, on occasions,  had some association with NAP when we've  shared a common agenda.
 To keep myself up-to-date with what is  going on around the place though, I am on the NAP e-mail list. That  does not make me a member. I am on other e-mail lists also, including  an ultra right-wing Orthodox Anglican group (virtueonline), but I'm far  from being a Christian. In that case, I believe it pays to "know thine  enemy". 
   I have my own agenda. I speak out often on a  variety of inequities I witness in our society. I have, over the past  few years, been conducting a letters to the editors campaign, Australia  wide, to raise awareness and encourage public debate on the three main  issues on my agenda. They being;- drug law reform, racism and religion.
    I have spent the last twenty five years associated with (through  my marriage into) one of the largest Aboriginal families from South  Australia, with related association to families in Central Australia,  but I do not claim to represent Aboriginal people. I have gained  intimate knowledge, through my association, of the depth of inequity  and injustice that Aboriginal people have been subjected to, and still  face today, in Australia and speak out at every available opportunity.
   I spent six years in Alice Springs,( ' 90-' 96 ) working as a tour  guide. Living with and learning about my family in Central Australia,  learning about the country there and how and where I fit into it, and  learning what is appropriate to talk about to the tourists, and where  it's appropriate (or not) to take them. Then spent my first five years  in Darwin also working as a tour guide in Kakadu, talking to many  hundreds of foriegn tourists, and presenting a slightly different angle  on the history of Australia, before and after colonisation. But more  rewardingly, speaking to many Australians and re-education them on  Australian history. I call those talks my "attitude re-adjustment  program". This is my contribution to reconcilliation.
   As an  Anglo Australian, with a deep understanding of my place in this land, I  feel obliged to correct some of the past inequities foisted upon  Aboriginal Australians by too many of my predecessors. I see indymedia  (potentially, with far greater promotion) as a great tool for  Aboriginal people to be able to present their own news stories to the  world. Not having to rely on locally based and heavily biased  commercial media, or half-hearted white fellas speaking on their behalf.

mick lambe PARIAH <pariahnt at yahoo.com> wrote:  Robert Fyffe is a just another biased NAP member.

David  has his own computers/access and surfs regularly. He had net access  before I ever started working for the Kumbutjil Association as Project  Officer.

Both David and Mindy were present when emails arrived  and David wrote the replies where indicated. The only help he got from  me was regarding the intricacies of the matters. I was living there at  the time.

Your belief that David would, or could be used in that  manner, is insulting and ignores the reality of Fiona and Viki  supporting the initial expulsions (and David and Mindy's membership)  for a further two months until I refused to associate with Fiona  anymore.


Frankly  I find the necessity for this exchange insulting and ask why Stuart  Highway and Fiona's obvious manipulation by Meyerhoff isn't queried in  the same way by imc members.

David  and Mindy were disgusted by their treatment and a video clip and photo  were used to show that fact and leave no doubts as to their involvement.

Only Nigel from Melbourne imc took the trouble to phone David and ask him what had happened. A novel approach it seems.

So spare us your continued "racist paternalism" which you now at least admit existed.

As  Shayne has pointed out - some of his perth collective can barely work a  mouse. People learn by osmosis mainly - and David is far ahead in skill  levels since I started work at OMD. If he showed any interest in  commenting on DIM I'd have helped him. Understandably he hasn't.

I'm  not into superficiality. I think it's bloody patronising to 'teach'  Aboriginal people merely as an exercise in appeasing people who do not  even believe they exist. David still doesn't post on DIM. He will if  our url is returned.

The Oz imc is not an indigenous friendly  medium thanks to racist Trolls and lax moderation. We hoped to change  that on DIM and have an Ed Pol that reflects that belief.

The racist trash your cult posted (and which sydney hosted) did not help in attracting Aboriginal support to the imc.
 Nor our site being filled with spam/garbage - especially in threads that were culturally sensitive.
 See again - http://lists.cat.org.au/pipermail/imc-oceania/2005-March/002583.html

David's  main contributions are finding articles and passing on info from an  Aboriginal network that is remarkably extensive and efficient. We had  an email from Letty Scott (murder case) seeking help in locating 2  witnesses in a matter 20 years old.
 David found them both that   day.

Until  this drama is sorted one way or the other, no-one is much interested in  lending credibility to a network that supports such paternalistic  racism and superficiality. Which (again) has been admitted. It was  incredibly insulting. And made me (and David and Mindy) very angry.

Bill  Day who most activists here (myself included) consider the main  non-Aboriginal advocate for the NT's Aboriginal people, stated I'd done  more for OMD than had been done in 30 years.

Whereas as Fiona points out - 
(prior to        letting personal issues overtake her good sense)
       - "NAP claim to work        with Aboriginal communities in one of their propaganda/donation        articles."
       "On a   local level, we        work closely with the Top End's indigenous communities and with local        independent media."
              Which  one? Gary's been at One Mile Dam twice in how many years? He lives 15  minutes away. What a load of crap. I approached Gary to do work at a  community (15 mile) another one Gary has never been to - Mick has mob  there. 
       Gary  didn't want me to go to the Health&Women's meeting. When I insisted  he said to keep NAP and TUF's name out of it.
       NAP moved the Baxter        Convergence post and others to give their spin and donation propaganda        room.
       Gary & Rob are        full of it - sexist and racist creeps.
         They are no loss to        DIM or activists actually doing something."
I lived out bush for ten years on Aboriginal (then contested) land - I'm adopted by Aboriginal people...


That's why I can live in Aboriginal homes - dance at funeral ceremony and attend men's business. I'm trusted.

...as  Fiona points out - "I met the Belyuen Aboriginal people and was  overwhelmed by their friendliness and their obvious love for Mick."

Your  ignorant biased insults are directed at the person who wrote most of  your cult's articles and legal defences -- and built their web site. Me.


So spare us your 'after the fact' angst.

David and Mindy called their treatment by the imc "racist". You are just trying to build on that resentment (a transparent ploy) that their informed opinion caused a few people - who (we hope) know better now.

Fyffe - "I can make no comment on the  validity of the claims of lies."

Well yes you can. The lies - and the proof they are lies are in Fiona's own words or handwriting.

Our  collective know the truth - one was present when Meyerhoff was  gibbering about Aboriginal people not having the right to claim land -  at the NAP house.

Others heard from Fiona and Viki about that  and other incidents at the NAP house which are once again in Fiona's  own words. Most have a poor opinion of NAP due to it's cult-like  aspects and the inordinate amount of gossip and lies about activists  that has become their main contribution here. They know all the players  and have joined our collective. Even a NAP/TUF member.

And of course Meyerhoff and Inder-Smith were also expelled by a NAP/TUF member - Fiona. As we now know to be true.

Our  collective is credible and representative - yours a collection of  legitimately expelled people who couldn't attract a single person to  your DIMC unsanctioned 'meeting'.

NAP have set the drug  users cause back a decade here - alienated the Alice Springs users  group and destroyed the Territory Users Forum. TUF

Now you want to destroy our indymedia.

Monday,                    December 27, 2004 12:55:14 (properties date)                     "Recent                      events have convinced me I must say something re Rob Inder-Smith.
                   I  seconded him to the AIVL e-list at Gary's request despite disliking the  man intensely. But having discovered he is a police informer I feel I  must warn others on the list.
                   He  called the police after Gary asked him to in an attempt to intimidate a  friend who was moving out of the NAP/TUF house.
                   I  must state that at no time was Gary or Rob in danger from this man. In  fact, they were the ones doing the threatening.
                   Due  to a personality clash my friend was moving out. I assured Gary there  were no problems and that he would be out that day.
                   Previously  Gary had told me that he was going to get some blokes to "do over" my  friend and/or he would call the police. He also told another TUF  committee member that he intended to call the police.
                   Gary had called                      Inder-Smith to come round in an attempt to intimidate my friend.
                   While  my friend was moving his stuff into his car, under the watchful eye of  the NT police, Inder-Smith was taunting my friend. He's a gutless pig.
                   Fortunately,  the police didn't search my friend as he had green matter on him  somewhere. I must also point
                   I  was there for the whole scenario and have avoided Gary and Rob since  (therefore not being involved in TUF although I am secretary) as I  don't trust dogs.
                   Whatever  spin (lies) Gary comes up with now are irrelevant. The fact is (he)  called the police after threatening this man."
                   (Fiona B)
Face facts - Inder-Smith and Meyerhoff were expelled for their disgusting behaviour - not me. Minutes here - http://www.country-liberal-party.com/pages/Gary_Meyerhoffs_NAP-DIM_collective_lied.htm

Then Fiona and Viki for lying about the expulsions. Our collective told the truth.

My credibility and veracity is not the issue. 

Along  with our collective - I'm vindicated in refusing to allow some  unethical people take over our indymedia. People who lied to oceania  and stalked, threatened and assaulted us at our homes.

You left your insulting run (which you admit is that of someone who knows nothing about events) a year too late.

DIMC imc liaison

   mick lambe - coordinator: PARIAH - BETTER A PARIAH - THAN A   LIAR
People Against Racism In Aboriginal Homelands - Northern Territory Australia 

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