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Stacy lied

Her lame and tortuous spin does not change a thing. That she tried to damage us - and continues to interfere despite our collective's requests she keep out of our affairs is entirely evident.

No decision to seize our site was based on POU

We were accused of lying - and we did not. Of course we were angry - we had a right to be - and perth and others tried to return our url.

Stacy's concern for her good name - says much about the truth of our allegations. The lack of concern about her using my name in the same way is indicative of the bias we suffer.

My attempts to get ugly personal attacks removed on sydney have been ignored for years.

Fyffe hasn't anything to say about NAP's lies and his opinion is biased due to his association with expelled people who stalked, threatened and assaulted DIMC members at our homes. I prefer Aboriginal tourguides myself.

Oz imc has little or no credibility due to Stacy running it like her personal fiefdom. Her autocracy and revisionist ways are classic Stalinism.


 Darwin IndyMedia Collective Minutes

18th February 2006 - 2.30pm - One Mile Dam Aboriginal community

Present - Mindy, David, Mick, Noodle, Jim, Vikki

Apologies - Justin, Therese, Karen

David Timber welcomed us all to Aboriginal land, One Mile Dam community.

Sang Happy Birthday to David, Jim accompanied us on bluesharp.


New members (after intros and discussion) - accepted unanimously. Noodle, Jim, Vikki - Karen had a previous event to attend.

It was decided to let David explain the past events that led to the DIMC losing its indymedia url. Questions were asked to clarify events. The expelled people are known to the new members.

A motion on the legitimacy of the DIMC's decisions to expel Inder-Smith, Meyerhoff, Fiona and Viki, was unanimous in supporting the expulsions. 

A motion that other collectives respect the DIMC's automony and return the DIMC's darwin.indymedia.org/ url was also supported unanimously.


We agreed we needed more local stories and had some discussion on the growing harassment of Aboriginal people in Darwin, (beatings, missiles from cars, etc...) the loss of the Community patrols and a host of other local issues.

Meeting closed - 4-00pm

Please ensure our proposal that our url be returned is put forward in the same manner as the people we legitimately expelled.

DIMC imc liaison

   mick lambe - coordinator: PARIAH - BETTER A PARIAH - THAN A LIAR
People Against Racism In Aboriginal Homelands - Northern Territory Australia 

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 as a site of national significance and lasting cultural value
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