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Thu Mar 9 01:25:35 PST 2006

You're spinning like a top Stacy

Stacy - 1) manipulative with information (if you claim that all the DIMC members 
who were also members of NAP were expelled, how can they attend your meeting??)

Mick - That is exactly what noodle is stating - they are not part of the DIMC

Stacy - 2) prejudiced to the point of biggotry (sic) against activists who you don't 
agree with,

Mick - How you can state that after your lies, hosting of racist/personal attacks against the DIMC, manipulation of the oceania list and refusal to meet with the DIMC is mindboggling. You met with the expelled people.

Stacy - 3) sexist, and 4) nationalist.

Mick - Your gender is no protection for your lies and autocracy and noodle seems more concerned about your nationalism

If you are concerned about sexism - why are you demanding Inder-Smith takes over our indymedia? - both he and Meyerhoff were considered "sexist and racist creeps" by Fiona prior to her lies. - Read how and why Inder-Smith was sacked from the NT News - 

"[21] Ms        Johnson stated that the next day she and Mr Inder-Smith discussed the        incident. She stated that an incident occurred on the following day."               "...I went        over to the library and Mr Inder-Smith was laying down at the end        compactus right at the bottom of the library, on a carpet, reading a        paper. He saw me, and I went straight back to my office. He got up and        come to the office and stood in the doorway and started abusing me. He        really, really abused me. It could have been 5 minutes, it could have been        10, it could have been 20, but I just lost track of time, and he just told        me I was a stuck-up snob, I was a smart-arse, and everybody in the        building didn't like me, and they had to get on their knees if they wanted        something from me. I've never had one bad word with anybody in that        building in all the time I've been there." (page 58) 


noodle is a street performer with original ideas that manage to both jar and resonate with people. We are happy with his presence. As a collective that includes a NAP member and worker in the drug rehab industry as well as the person (myself) who wrote most of NAP's articles and legal defences - we find your fears amusing.
We have no fear of diversity.
The lockstepping you seem to hold dear (NAP for example) is opposed to the diversity that indymedia stands for to ensure healthy and balanced imc collectives. 

sydney imc seems totally unrepresentative of sydney people.

Our collective is made up mainly of progressives with impressive activist historys. 

noodle performed at the sedition gig (much appreciated) and attends anti-nuke rallies, etc...

You are a lying autocrat with no right to criticise noodle or anyone else for their honest revulsion of your far worse behaviour and your defence of liars and sexists.

"He also said to me that as a        woman, that I had come in, I had pretended to be reasonable. I had        pretended that I was easy going, but women get together and they form a        pack and they're very keen to sort of stab people in the back. He also        made various other allegations about my ability to do the job and in the        end, I did ask - say to Mr Inder-Smith that I didn't appreciate that he        had become personal." (page 82)" (Inder-Smith)

NO complaints about our site or its political direction. You are welcome to point out any sexist or anti-progressive work by our collective.

Try these - http://dimc.axxs.org/?action=default&featureview=89


I see sydney imc didn't consider IWD worth featuring.

Your opinion given your bias, lies and autocracy is worthless.

noodle's opinion is honest and untainted by PC - how refreshing.

Do you condone the threats and abuse noodle has received from Inder-Smith for joining our collective? Of course you do - you are a hypocrite.

- mick
DIMC imc liaison

Stacy <stacy at cat.org.au> wrote: This email shows me that you are:

1) manipulative with information (if you claim that all the DIMC members 
who were also members of NAP were expelled, how can they attend your meeting??),

2) prejudiced to the point of biggotry against activists who you don't 
agree with,

3) sexist, and

4) nationalist.

None of which fills me with confidence in your ability to participate in 


On Thu, 9 Mar 2006, noodle string wrote:

> It seems to me that indymedia in australia is being hijacked by an
> american in sydney called stacy and her cohorts. Or should that be
> co-whores !
> But whether she's american or not is another matter. The fact is that she
> lies about darwin continously and stops good people in darwin from
> participating in an Indymedia site that supposedly belongs to darwinites
> and not some gal from Sydney.
> Wake up stacy! not every1 in darwin is a meth amphetamine junky like your
> mates at NAP.
> NAP has zero creds in darwin. Its like going along to a crayon party� for
> preschoolers.
> NAP also has nothing to do with DIMC. There were no NAP members at th
> last DIMC meeting so I cant see how people in sydney or wherever can
> really know whats going on, especially since they dont live here.
> please return the DIMC url and let us get on with our own issues in our
> own backyard.
> it's not much to ask.
> ������������������ sincerely,
> ������������������������������� goonbags
> p.s. Mick lambe is a powerhouse of website design and does a lot for many
> people in many different positions. In fact most of NAP's website was
> designed and orchestrated by him and he left them and their antics years
> ago. Says a lot really! NAP is like RAP...highly dubious!!
> �
> cheers [emcocktl.gif]
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