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We did not lose our domain - the people we expelled did.

They lied to cause us trouble and were then exposed as liars.

The evidence of their lies and our vindication is in their own words.

One can not do better than that for evidence.

However despite our vindication...

...due to a hostile heirarchy led by Stacy Scheff who has lied on oceania to harm us (after having us banned from oceania for no reason) abused process and hosted racist and other ugly attacks on our collective...


-  when our url when returned thanks to perth/adelaide and other Oz collective members  - Stacy Scheff broke her own proposal on oceania to have it removed again.


Not only were the initial expulsions justified - but shortly after 2 more members were expelled for lying  about them - we were threatened and abused at our own home.


The lies continued until the original minutes in the handwriting of one of the expelled people were found. They totally vindicated us.

Fiona (expelled person) stated on oceania.

"fi here, I did not write these "minutes".

In item 1: Mick has used a minor truth..."Gary
Myerhoff was asked to leave..." then concocted a
long story of supposed crimes to back this up.

I have consulted Viki and she assures me that my
memory is correct, that there was no extended
discussion of TUF business.

It is tempting to go thru this point by point but
I will not insult Oceania and Darwin list
members' intelligence nor abuse their time by
doing so.

I am prepared to stand before a  magistrate and
say so under oath."


Unfortunately for Fiona her handwritten minutes were found (she eventually admitted they were hers) and they proved that Meyerhoff and Inder-Smith were expelled for good reason. We were abused and accused of forging the minutes for months prior to Fiona's admission - because they were so damning.


Stacy (despite Fiona admitting authorship) - had us banned from the oceania list - then stated on oceania  - "All the proof of "vindication" is wild hearsay and scraps of stained paper, disavowed by their accused author."

Stacy also stated - " He (Mick) expelled the entire original collective, and has installed a new one..."

David, Mindy, Mick, Freddy, Viki and Fiona expelled Meyerhoff and  Inder-Smith as Stacy knows. And as the minutes proved. We were essentially accused of being liars over the expulsions (which Fiona stated never ocurred) - so much for solidarity.


Recently while at my home - I went to move my car inside our gates (1-30 am) and was assaulted by one of the people we expelled.

Another collective member was abused and threatened a few weeks ago and we have all received emails recently criticising us for exposing Stacy Scheff as a liar and autocrat. This anonymous cyberstalker was permitted to post on the so-called 'resolve' list which has seen Stacy Scheff and Cameron Gregg (sydney) both biased people with no right to judge our collective - adjudicating in a totally unrealistic manner.

We have done nothing wrong save be righteously angry at the way WE were treated as liars and had to watch our site being given to people we knew were liars and totally unethical. The racist paternalism that was meted out to our  Aboriginal members was disgusting. 

Stacy and Cam who refused to meet with our collective as agreed  (but met with the people we expelled) - have both testified to our Aboriginal member's existence and knowledge of this ugly injustice. As well as their recounting the threats and insults at our home from the expelled people.

Stacy Scheff told our Aboriginal crew to get rid of me. Who does this person think she is?


No one has ever accused us of bothering the expelled people - and no-one in the NT has objected to their expulsions.

Our proposal is that our url be returned to our vindicated collective. It is Stacy Scheff who brought up new imc - when it seemed our domain would be returned. As 4 of our collective were accepted by oceania as a viable collective (after the initial expulsions) - there is no  need for us to go through new-imc again. Especially after the year of crap our collective has had to endure for abiding by indymedia and general ethics.

Stacy Scheff's attempts to have her preferred collective installed are insulting and opposed to everything indymedia is purported to represent. Her lies, constant censorship and abuse of power are inexcusable.

Despite all the drama we have kept the DIMC site running at http://dimc.axxs.org/

No-one has ever complained about our work - in fact we have been constantly praised for it.

Three proposals on oceania to return our domain were simply ignored.




They predate Stacy Scheff's new-imc invention.

We want our domain back (as we did nothing wrong) and an opportunity to promote our indymedia and work without interference from a criminally biased clique who are bringing Oz indymedia into serious disrepute.

My last seven articles have been posted without accreditation or links to the DIMC - and sydney refuse to remove them. Since when has such mutilation and plagiarism been acceptable on indymedia?

Meyerhoff has made this application because he believes that Stacy Scheff's (dwindling) clique can do as they choose. So far that seems to be the case. Were there any justice - Stacy Scheff would be removed from the imc for her disgustingly biased and autocratic behaviour.


Darwin  IndyMedia Collective Minutes

18th February 2006 - 2.30pm - One Mile Dam Aboriginal community

Present - Mindy, David, Mick, Noodle, Jim, Vikki

Apologies - Justin, Therese, Karen

David Timber welcomed us all to Aboriginal land, One Mile Dam community.

Sang Happy Birthday to David, Jim accompanied us on bluesharp.


New members (after intros and discussion) - accepted unanimously. Noodle, Jim, Vikki - Karen had a previous event to attend.

It was decided to let David explain the past events that led to the DIMC losing its indymedia url. Questions were asked to clarify events. The expelled people are known to the new members.

A motion on the legitimacy of the DIMC's decisions to expel Inder-Smith, Meyerhoff, Fiona and Viki, was unanimous in supporting the expulsions.

A motion that other collectives respect the DIMC's automony and return the DIMC's darwin.indymedia.org/ url was also supported  unanimously.


We agreed we needed more local stories and had some discussion on the growing harassment of Aboriginal people in Darwin, (beatings, missiles from cars, etc...) the loss of the Community patrols and a host of other local issues.

Meeting closed - 4-00pm

mick - DIMC imc liaison

   mick lambe - coordinator: PARIAH - BETTER A PARIAH - THAN A LIAR
People Against Racism In Aboriginal Homelands - Northern Territory Australia 

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