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Re: Stacy Scheff's post/spin in support of legitimately expelled people


There has been no 'factionalisation' - an autonomous collective expelled two people for good reason. Our decision.

These expulsions were accepted by oceania. We were then forced to expel two more people for lying about the initial expulsions due to my refusing to associate with them on a personal level. My choice. And no reason for lies and using our indymedia to coerce me into meeting with them.

Stacy Scheff continues to interfere in, and lie about another collective's affairs and asks that people contact her off-list (so much for transparency) a feature of this entire drama.

Stacy's lies and those of her preferred collective are apparent on the resolve list - http://lists.indymedia.org/mailman/listinfo/resolve as is her total domination and interference and that of fellow sydney imcer Cameron Greggs.

A quick glance at the oceania list will show that people have voted with their feet in respect to the autocracy I describe.

Yes - Stacy supports the liars who have stalked us at our home and threatened and assaulted us. Her suggestions totally ignore that reality and the attempts of perth imc, etc... to return our url.

The obvious solution proposed 3 times and ignored on oceania was to return our domain once it was clear that our collective had their indymedia taken from them on the basis of lies. Stacy could not accept, that as she believes she runs oceania.

Stacy's "factionalisation" is just more spin from a discredited liar and autocrat who has hosted ugly personal and racist attacks against our collective on sydney and censored any criticism.


Ugly personal attacks against myself with no basis in truth have been hosted on sydney for years. So this is part of a longterm campaign to discredit me by a person who has abused her power for years.

Our collective have every right to expel people who break POU and abuse and threaten us. We refused to associate with the expelled pair for four months prior to, and two months after their expulsion. Expulsions discussed and accepted on oceania. These two people should not be even be part of the debate. Despite Fiona and Stacy's lies on oceania to the contrary, they were legitimately expelled by our collective which included the two we later expelled for lying.

Normally expelled people go through process and argue their cases. In this instance they got together and lied to oceania. They then threatened and abused our collective at our home and mounted an ugly campaign of racism and hatred against our collective hosted by the Stacy Scheff dominated sydney site, that culminated in one of them coming to my home and assaulting me.

Stacy Scheff's support for these liars and thugs is understandable given her (longterm) hatred of myself for challenging her lies and autocracy. That is the nature of such people.

I built the expelled people's web site (NAP) http://www.country-liberal-party.com/NAP/ was arrested and imprisoned 6 times for supporting them and currently face 4 months in prison for that support. One of my charges was 'assault police' for dragging a cop off Meyerhoff. I also prepared most of the legal arguments for NAP which had about a 90% success rate.

Fiona (expelled person) describes the incident that led to our collective refusing to associate with Meyerhoff and Inder-Smith for nearly 6 months - prior to Fiona using indymedia to cause me harm for personal reasons.

Monday,                    December 27, 2004 12:55:14 (properties date)                     "Recent                      events have convinced me I must say something re Rob Inder-Smith.
                   I seconded him                      to the AIVL e-list at Gary's request despite disliking the                      man intensely. But having discovered he is a police informer                      I feel I must warn others on the list.
                   He called the                      police after Gary asked him to in an attempt to intimidate                      a friend who was moving out of the NAP/TUF house.
                   I must state                      that at no time was Gary or Rob in danger from this man. In                      fact, they were the ones doing the threatening.
                   Due to a personality                      clash my friend was moving out. I assured Gary there were                      no problems and that he would be out that day.
                   Previously Gary                      had told me that he was going to get some blokes to "do                      over" my friend and/or he would call the police. He also                      told another TUF committee member that he intended to call                      the police.
                   Gary had called                      Inder-Smith to come round in an attempt to intimidate my friend.
                   While my friend                      was moving his stuff into his car, under the watchful eye                      of the NT police, Inder-Smith was taunting my friend. He's                      a gutless pig.
                   Fortunately,                      the police didn't search my friend as he had green matter                      on him somewhere. I must also point
                   I was there for                      the whole scenario and have avoided Gary and Rob since (therefore                      not being involved in TUF although I am secretary) as I don't                      trust dogs.
                   Whatever spin                      (lies) Gary comes up with now are irrelevant. The fact is                      (he) called the police after threatening this man."
                   (Fiona B)
Our collective is comprised of credible activists who have local support (organise most of the actions here) and know the expelled people.
Darwin IndyMedia Collective Minutes

18th February 2006 - 2.30pm - One Mile Dam Aboriginal community

Our recent proposals - "A motion on the legitimacy of the DIMC's decisions to expel Inder-Smith, Meyerhoff, Fiona and Viki, was unanimous in supporting the expulsions."

"A motion that other collectives respect the DIMC's automony and return the DIMC's darwin.indymedia.org/ url was also supported unanimously."
These are our current proposals which are (again) being ignored.

Minutes of the meeting where Inder-Smith and Meyerhoff were expelled - derived from Fiona's rough notes and witnessed by ALL of our collective.

                           Sent to perth February 6, 2005 
                           No Cc Bcc 
                           Minutes - Darwin indymedia meeting - One Mile Dam community                            
                           February 6, 2005 
                           Present - Vikki, Fi, Mindy, David, Freddy, Mick 
                           Meeting started 4-30pm 
                           - Business 
                           1. Gary Myerhoff was asked to leave for (irreconcilable)                            breaches of the Principles of Unity... (Robert Inder-Smith                            did not show, but is similarily ejected from the darwin.indymedia                            collective.) ...these include (far from comprehensive)                            Cyberstalking collective members and attacking other                            political groups (often anonomously) Such divisiveness                            is not acceptable - The use of DIM as a promotional                            tool for NAP - Abusing a female collective member and                            attempting to intimidate another collective member (using                            Robert Inder-Smith) and when that failed, calling the                            NT Police for no reason, save drug-induced arrogance                            and paranoia. 
                           Mr Meyerhoff's unique use of funding and donations,                            has seen the Territory Users Forum (TUF) gutted. Nepotism                            in the NAP-run TUF towards NAP members was blatant and                            ensured Meyerhoff's domination. The darwin indymedia                            collective is anxious to avoid the same fate. 
                           We need workers not leaders. We had better already know                            what we're doing. 
                           Apart from some articles about NAP (and how many ways                            people can donate) Myerhoff and Inder-Smith have contributed                            little to DIM, while doing their best to take it over,                            as happened with TUF. 
                           Moving posts (Baxter convergence, anti-nuke, etc...)                            that Meyerhoff and Co felt were crowding their NAP articles,                            is unacceptable, as is complaining about (and removing)                            feminist posts. 
                           These posts were reinstated - sometimes more than once                            - and were often part of a 'network post' - the darwin                            url being used in posts to other groups - German anti-nuke,                            etc... 
                           We may need all the help we can get up here soon. 
                           A recent disafilliation with NAP/TUF by an Alice Springs                            drug users group, the closure of the TUF office and                            the loss of NAP supporters (most owed money) is enough                            reason to disassociate from Myerhoff and Inder-Smith.                            
                           Promotion and fund-raising for DIM has been impossible                            due to their presence. Darwin is a (too) small country                            town. 
                           Association with people who are more fixated on their                            group (and attacking other groups) than the issues they                            purport to represent can only harm us. We really need                            unity up here right now. 
                           Numerous (anonymous) threats and insults have been posted                            on darwin.indymedia during the period that people have                            refused to associate with NAP/TUF. They echo an earlier                            attempt (same theme) to remove any opposition to (what                            was) an essentially NAP/DIM collective. 
                           Using the NT Police to shore up a failed attempt at                            intimidation, has lost NAP a lot of support. Other threats,                            to "...get some blokes to do Mick over" - have not been                            appreciated by the collective. 
                           Mr Meyerhoff who chose not to defend his actions before                            leaving the meeting - stated a number of times - "If                            that's the way you want it". This may have been posed                            as yet another threat. 
                           And yes, this is how the DIM collective "want it". 
                           We don't want collective members who contribute nothing                            (apart from Troll attacks) act divisively and use the                            NT Police, when their threats against another collective                            member fail to intimidate. 
                           2. We had a look at the DIM site. The collective were                            happy with the quality of features, etc... and the editing                            that "preserve(s) the quality of the website as a useful                            media resource." They were also made aware of perth.indymedia's                            role (when they queried passwords being used by ex-collective                            members) in establishing darwin.indymedia. 
                           3. We discussed DIM's Aboriginal protocol. The significance                            of our venue at an Aboriginal community (in relation                            to our aims) is an important one. 
                           4. We request a new password from Perth to stop attacks                            on DIM by ex-collective members. 
                           Please send to Fi, Mick, 
                           5. We have plans to promote DIM and to get more people                            involved from other groups. The Nuke Rail, Baxter convergeance                            and other issues, need addressing - something we can                            only do with a collective that views such matters seriously.                            
                           6. Meeting closed 5-30. 
                           7. Next meeting at OMD - April 3, 2005 
                           Unanimous on all counts 
                           - Fiona (minutes) 

No collective would stand for the behaviour of these people and Stacy Scheff's interference in their affairs. Her "suggestions" are patently absurd - opposed to autonomy and the reality of the lies and ugly behaviour that continued after the expulsions.

Far from being "representative" as Stacy claims - the expelled people could not attract one non-NAP member to their (DIMC unsanctioned) meeting.

Return our domain and let a "vindicated" autonomous collective function without interference from people with absolutely no credibility. Stacy has lost touch with the reality of indymedia's autonomous nature and has severely damaged oceania and Oz indymedia with her bias, denial and autocratic behaviour.

mick - DIMC imc liaison

   mick lambe - coordinator: PARIAH - BETTER A PARIAH - THAN A LIAR
People Against Racism In Aboriginal Homelands - Northern Territory Australia 

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