[SBIMC-general] Indymedia Reboot and other things

Darwin BondGraham darwin at riseup.net
Wed Nov 7 12:07:03 PST 2007

Hi all,

I can't really answer any of Dorothy's questions, but I wanted to update 
ya'll on what happened at our reboot meeting:

We had our first indymedia reboot meeting last week.  Much was accomplished.

We're working on securing a space and time for the next meeting and will 
let everyone know when this comes through.

Among other things we talked about:
Creating a new/better calendar for the community
How to upgrade the site (the new drupal install)
Getting money through the Fund for SB and other sources
Possibly linking indymedia with the proposal to create an SB Infoshop
Who's going to work on technical stuff, who edits, who will produce 
Outreach strategies to get the community more involved
And more....

Jon and Mike were going to work on getting a basic site back online so 
that we have something between now and when we can put the upgraded site 
back up.

Please help us do outreach to local hacktivists, journalists and anyone 
who'd be interested in working on indymedia.


Dorothy Littlejohn wrote:
> Indymedia bank account is down to it's last $86.80. That means our  
> site can be up for about 3 more months, then we will be out of money.  
> At that point what will happen, Jon? Will our new site be up and  
> running by then? Will our old site be transfered into the new one? How  
> will we finance the new site? It needs hosting and domain name doesn't  
> it? How much will that cost for the first year? Is there a fee for  
> transferring our old site into whatever we do with it, like an archive  
> of some sort?
> Dorothy
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